Wednesday, January 30, 2008


You better save your money, people. The shit is about to hit the fan, and you don't have much time. Don't be the fool who listens to the wingnuts when they try to blame your not spending for the Recession. That's just them trying to get their hands on your money to help themselves get through the Recession with as little pain as possible. They will leave your dumb ass alone and broke. Save your money, people.

Oh, if you must spend, hit the garage sales early or you'll miss out on all the really good shit...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm Trying to Pick a Fight with this Little Bitch

Now, I know what you're saying..."Elmo, damn!" " Look at that guy!" "He looks very tough!" "Be careful!"

But I don't care. I am taking a stand. I wont back down to this herbal pill pushing bully anymore!

Besides, he is way, Way, WAy, WAY...

 the closet! Ha Ha! Come on Savage (Ok, I can't say that with a "straight" face)...Weiner, come fuck with ME you little bitch.

I really don't understand? I sent him this really nice email...

Come after this ex-grunt...Weiner.

You fake ass little bitch. You have a pansy name, so you changed it, and you have a pansy ass dog. You belong to a pansy ass political affiliation, and you have a pansy ass goatee. Basically, you're a pansy. I love bitchslapping pansy ass chickenhawks like you, Weiner. But I haven't found one with balls bigger than sweet peas yet. Maybe you can hire someone to fuck with me, I'm getting bored...

Do you think a brother could get a reply? Fuck no!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hillary vs. Obama

Look, this shit is sport, people. Hillary is like an angler. She doesn't fish with live bait at feeding time early in the morning. She goes out in the heat of the afternoon after all the fish are full...and catches the BIG one!

Do you know why this is? I mean, the fish are all full, tiered, and just want to spend the afternoon alone under some log. She's using artificial bait to boot! So why do they bite?

Well, she finds that sweet spot and casts over and over and over, ever so patient. Eventually, that big bad ass bass gets tiered of his/her sleep getting interrupted and lashes out to show that fucking sparkly purple worm a lesson...and gets hooked. Cleaned. Breaded and fried.

Ummmm tasty!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ron Paul's Base

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ode to the Baby Boomer

I know you think your shit don't stink, but it does. Your parents went through the bravest period in our history since the Civil War, for you, and you pissed it all away.

From actually having the balls to fight in our wars, to having the balls to fight for our civil liberties, you have failed us.

You just couldn't learn from your elders. You decided you did not like the history that was, and tried to make it of your own liking. Well, you better wake up mother fucker. It ain't gonna happen.

The generation you put forth, loves the generation you left behind. However, we actually listened.

To be continued...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Can Maureen Dowd Fuck Her Way Back to Respectability?

I doubt it. Her wit is as dry as her cunt. Her intellect is as fake as her hair color. You see, Maureen is jealous of Hillary Clinton. Isn't it just the funniest shit ever when women lose control of their envy toward other women? Cracks me the fuck up! Get a grip, Maureen Dud, It is YOUR FAULT you are not more important than you are, not Hillary's. Bitch.

Monday, January 07, 2008

American Sense

When you hear "American Sense" I bet you don't get all warm and fuzzy inside, like you should. Doesn't that piss you off? Well, good. Because you're an idiot. You, me, the lot of us. Every individual in this country has either sold, or let be taken from them the very spark that makes us American. How much sense does that make?

You've sold your morals for security, your privacy for piece of mind, and your religion for dominance. All you've got left is your pride. And you put that up for sale for plain 'ol greed.

How did we get so childish? With the vast history and experiences of this county, how in the hell did we all become brats? Well, somewhere along the way we were all made to believe freedom was easy, and sacrifice was evil. We were lead to hate the one thing our founding fathers gave specifically to us, the people. Our government.

No longer do we think of the government as of the people, by the people, or for the people. We place it in categories with our enemies. Meanwhile, those who stand to gain the most from our "youthful exuberance" take our morals and pretend to give us security; take our privacy and give us false hopes; and take our religions to secure their own dominance.

In do time it shall be "our" government no longer, and truly become "the" government. The only way to stop it is to fight. Ben Franklyn understood this, as did all patriots. From the educated the illiterate, from the plantation owner to the slave. All seeked freedom. Now we sell it on the cheap.

Proud of yourself? Will you be the coward watching from afar, or will you fight? The battles may be many, they may be few, but the Revolution has to be fought. For the sake of our very souls. That is, if we can somehow get our spark back...

Friday, January 04, 2008

Chickadee? Shit! Kinda' guy I'd Like to see for Prezn't

 thank I'm bull-shitn'? Look in Chickadee's eyes. Mother fucker is serious. Now look in the dog's eyes. He is totally sucking the chosen one's mojo and needs to be put down...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008? Yeah, Eat Shit and Die Wingnut...

What if a Muslim looked like this...

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