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A Tale of a Facebook Friend Going "Karl Rove" on Elmo

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way--in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

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There are some souls among us that are not impenetrable by light; neither transparent nor translucent. Those souls morph like chameleons, and slither like snakes. Others seek out those opaque souls and peal back their evil like a chef cuts an onion...just for fun...

So when one of my conservative Facebook friends, whom I have made look downright stupid politically, decided he had enough circular "Rovian" facts to accuse me of rape. That's right, rape. He went for a hail Mary and accused me of rape.

He thought he was slick, and sent private emails thinking I would not tell anyone. Well, Elmo being Elmo, I posted those emails real time on my facebook page as he sent them. You know how you beat a "Karl Rove" type soul? You punch that motherfucker in the mouth.

Here is how it unfolded...

Bryce, my Rovian deranged facebook friend, started a thread asking "Should the government ban Fox News as suggested by Democrat Senator Rockefeller?" I replied first...

Kyle(Elmo) - Wow, you can be deceptive as all get out when you want to be. Talk about taking something out of context! Here, people, watch the entire 5 minute opening statement by Sen. Rockefeller in yesterday's commerce committee hearing...

Why do conservatives take advantage of little clips and try to make their own story around it? Is it a play off how evangelicals take passages plucked from all over the Bible to come up with their own desired conclusion?

I guess fear is a useful tool but damn...where is the honor in that?

Bryce - Uhm, pretty sure I didn't write that article, chief.

Kyle(Elmo) Of course you didn't, you just reported it as fact. Even endorsed a YES or NO poll to prove it. So, the question still stands...

Why did you knowingly try to distort the Rockefeller story in to a distortion and lie?

Bryce - What lie? Take it up with the writer of the poll. The question is a valid one. Rockefeller DID say that, no? I mean, if the question is, "Did Sen Rockefeller suggest banning Fox News from the air?." the only acceptable answer is "Yes."

Kyle(Elmo) - If you are a partisan trying to hide the entire context and make it about what you want the context to be instead of the true context the speaker put it in...that makes one a liar.

And you knew damn well the context was incorrect when you posted the poll.

Well, next I have a private message(facebook) encounter with Bryce, with some spooky overtones...

Bryce - November 20 at 12:06am
I know you prefer to live a low drama life, but someone told me something pretty heinous about you...and if the shoe was on the other foot, Id certainly want to know. Quite honestly, my wife and I find it extremely hard to believe that you would do what is alleged. Well, to be more direct, we don't believe it because the person involved has a long history of "distortions." And while we may have extremely varying political opinions, I respect what you have going on. So, if you dont care...kudoes for staying above the fray. If you do...let me know. My apologies...but, this has been eating at me for some time.

God bless.

Kyle(Elmo) - November 20 at 12:20am
Is that a threat, motherfucker? You've gotta be fucking kidding me!?! BRING. IT. ON.

Bryce - November 20 at 12:22am
no, youre misunderstanding me. someones talking Shit about you. I would want to know about it. Youre being accused of something pretty horrible.

Bryce - November 20 at 12:23am
not a threat at all. I have sat on this for some time, and feel terribly guilty about it. Im sorry you took it that way. Just, feeling very convicted over it.

Bryce - November 20 at 12:26am
call me @ 817 606 XXXX and I'll tell you everything. I know this is bizare, and you may not even give a rats ass....but if someone was accusing me of what this person is accusing you of...i would want to know. and if you dont care, thats cool too. I just need to clear my conscience

Kyle(Elmo) - November 20 at 12:29am
Oh, this is about to get way bizarre...but for you...not me...

Bryce - November 20 at 12:32am
Look man, it took a lot for me to bringthis to you. This is extremely uncomfortable. My wife and I debated for well over a month on telling you or not. I mean no malice, no threats, nothing like that. Your name is being smeared by one of your Facebook "friends." Horribly smeared.

Kyle(Elmo) November 20 at 12:34am
Oh...I'm SOOOOO scared...

Bryce - November 20 at 12:38am
Im not trying to scare you, damn it. Im trying to freaking do the right thing. I dont know how youre taking any of this as a threat. ITs freaking not. I swear on my freaking kids its not any kind of threat. I cant put it into here, because i dont need m words further cut and pasted.

Bryce - November 20 at 12:40am
Im putting a lot on the line sure if she finds out i told you, she will cause major hell in my life, but...i dont care. If you dont care, cool. But if you ever want to know, call me.

Kyle(Elmo) November 20 at 12:40am
Motherfucker, do you think I fell off the turnip truck yesterday?

Bryce - November 20 at 12:42am
No, I dont. What on earth do I possibly have to gain? Seriously? I shoudla jsut kept my mouth shut, but I see your psot about, doing the kind, right thing...treating people like humans....thats all im doing here, man. I dont think you fell fo the turnip truck at all.

Bryce - November 20 at 12:45am
And the only reason I even considered telling you, was because my wife talked to Lisa XXXXXXXXX tonite, and she said if you knew about would be extremely upset. so, I didnt feel i could sit on it any longer. You arent making this easy.

Kyle(Elmo) - November 20 at 1:05am
ROLFLMAO!!! Upset me, Bryce...I dare you! LOL! Come on...

Kyle(Elmo) - November 20 at 1:08am
What are you waiting for, jackass?

Bryce - November 20 at 1:09am
Why are you like this? What happened to all that human kindness you were spouting? I dont get you. Im not putting it here, because I dont want it pasted all over the place. Im trying to do the right thing. You have my number. Call me. It's not about me upsetting you, or any of that bs.

Kyle - November 20 at 1:13am
Shut the fuck up. You are not going to "put it here" because you are a lying asshole. You've got nothing. I dare you to "put it here" asswipe...

Bryce - November 20 at 1:56am
You know're being accused of rape. You and Chris XXXXXXXX. There it is. I'd want to know if someone accused me of something that heinous. Im sure you'll paste this all over the place. She'll probablyl call CPS on me, and make my life hell...but it's the right thing to do. (telling you) I dont beleive to be true...I think its a bunch of BS.

Kyle - November 20 at 2:10am
WOW! You are saying Lisa XXXXXXXXX accused me and Chris XXXXXXXX of Rape!?! That is what you are saying, correct?

Bryce - November 20 at 2:11am
No, Im not. Samantha accused you of rape. You misunderstood what I said.

Bryce - November 20 at 2:14am
Lisa nad my wife talked. My wife told Lisa I was torn up over whether I shoudl tell you or not. Nobody believes that you did that...but, I would want to know if thats what I was being accused of.

Kyle - November 20 at 2:19am
Lisa told your wife I'm a rapist? Really? How so?

Bryce - November 20 at 2:20am
NOOOO!!! Damn it. This is why I wanted you to call me. Jen mentioned that Samantha had gone as far as accusing you two of rape. Lisa defended you and said you weould be extremely upset if you knew about that. I felt guilty, and.....if someone was saying that about me...I would want to know. so I told you.

Bryce - November 20 at 2:22am
Here's the full meal deal: Several months ago, My wife, myself, and samantha were in a car...Samantha accused you and Chris of raping her after using cocaine and LSD. I do not believe that happened. My wife doesnt. But I do believe the right thing to do, is tell you she is saying some pretty wild things about you. I would appreciate it if you removed this conversation from your wall. It's your wall, but...thats all I ask.

Kyle(Elmo) - November 20 at 2:23am
You fucking liar. You've gone too far on this one. Count your blessings because they are running thin...

Bryce - November 20 at 2:25am
I would swear it on a stack of Bibles. My childs life. I'll take a lie detector test. Anything you want. But, Im not lying.

Kyle(Elmo) November 20 at 2:27am
Yeah you are. Lying out your fucking teeth...

Bryce - November 20 at 2:30am
I have text messages to prove otherwise. Im not lying. I'll forward them to you right now.

Kyle(Elmo) November 20 at 2:31am
Do it. Put them here for all to see...

Bryce - November 20 at 2:32am
Phone texts. I'll be glad to forward them to you, but I have no way to put them on Facebook.

Kyle(Elmo) - November 20 at 2:40am
Bull shit. I want them transparent for all to see or fuck you. Rape is not something you accuses someone of and keep anonymous. Put your allegations on the table motherfucker...

Bryce - November 20 at 2:42am
I'm not alleging anything, bro. This is being said about you. NOT by me. Ive found a way to forward texts to email. Im going to put them all in an email, and email them to you. Check your email.

Kyle - November 20 at 2:58am
I just did, and all the emails you gave were sent by YOU, to YOU. Do you think you are playing with an amateur?

Me, nor Chris ever raped anyone. Wanna keep playing?

Bryce - November 20 at 3:02am
This is maddening. I have offered to txt them directly to you. I told you I don't believe you did anything. What do you want for proof? I'd be glad to show you the texts in person. But, I'm not lying.

Kyle(Elmo) - November 20 at 3:08am
Yeah you are.

Bryce - November 20 at 3:10am
Check your email. Pic of the txt. I'm done trying to convince you. It's after 3. My conscious is clear.

Kyle(Elmo) November 20 at 3:20am
No it's not, your conscience is barley able to keep its head above water...

So the context is clear - me, Chris, Samantha, Lisa and Bryce all went to high school together. Bryce is an ex-cocaine dealer/drunk who is now "born again" and runs a chain of sober houses/rehabilitation centers in the Dallas area.

Here are the selected texts between him and Samantha that Bryce chose to email me...

Subject: Fw: Do what u need to.
Date: Saturday, November 20, 2010, 2:39 AM

------ SMS Text ------
To: 817361XXXX
Sent: Nov 4, 2010 7:27 PM
Subject: Do what u need to.

Do what u need to. I saw your post today. Why r u talking to kyle, if he attacked u?? Not healthy.
Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®


Subject: Fw: I was indirectly talking to you.
Date: Saturday, November 20, 2010, 2:40 AM

------ SMS Text ------
From: 817361XXXX
Received: Nov 4, 2010 7:29 PM
Subject: I was indirectly talking to you.

I was indirectly talking to you. *Samantha*
Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Subject: Fw: I forgive all of those guys.
Date: Saturday, November 20, 2010, 2:40 AM

------ SMS Text ------
From: 817361XXXX
Received: Nov 4, 2010 7:31 PM
Subject: I forgive all of those guys.

I forgive all of those guys. I was high on coc and acid. *Samantha*
Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®



Subject: Fw: Huh?
Date: Saturday, November 20, 2010, 2:41 AM

------ SMS Text ------
To: 817361XXXX
Sent: Nov 4, 2010 7:43 PM
Subject: Huh?

Huh? No clue what u r talking about. U are conversating with someone that you said raped u on facebook. That's twisted.
Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®


Subject: Fw: If anything is said to him about...
Date: Saturday, November 20, 2010, 2:43 AM

------ SMS Text ------
From: 817361XXXX
Received: Nov 4, 2010 7:48 PM
Subject: If anything is said to him about...

If anything is said to him about that night i will unleash, thats not ur business. Jenn tells u things she shouldnt. Well, not everything..... *Samantha*
Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

So next, or course, I confronted Samantha(via facebook messages)...

Kyle(Elmo) - November 20 at 12:12pm
So Bryce says you told his wife me and Chris raped you. He even sent me text messages supposedly between you two asking you why you talk to me on facebook when I "attacked" you.

What the hell? I can only assume that he is projecting, because I never put my hand on anyone who said "no." So, was Bryce accused of rape in the past? Did HE rape you? I just ask because motherfuckers like that tend to accuse others of what THEY did.

Others may back down to that asshole but I intend to drag his ass to hell and back...


Samantha - November 20 at 1:53pm Reply
him and his wife came up with all of this shit....he asked me why i would talk to you if u raped me...I was in shock. He is going to go down in a bad way. I was rapped the night I was hanging out with you guys but it wasnt by one of you, it was the guy who I brought to the party. When did he tell you this?


Samantha - November 20 at 1:59pm Reply
I never told them that and he is the one who spun that whole story up. He is a complete asshole. He is pissed because him and his wife got removed from leadership. He told me to press charges on you NOW...I was like "FOR THE LAST TIME HE DIDNT DO IT" Jennifer was my sponsor and she is supposed to keep all things confidential; they are worthless and thier life is full of drama. I am dating Mason XXXXXX and Bryce better watch his step before he cant step at all. We both know you never touched me. Please dont post this stuff publicly. Bryce is trying to push me out of recovery and bring me to tears. What do I do?


Kyle(Elmo) November 20 at 2:19pm
He started this shit yesterday. I guess me calling out all his lies revolving around our political believes finally got to him. But don't worry, I know how these motherfuckers roll. You do what you must on your and Chris will do the same on ours...

I am so sorry about what happened to you that night, I had no idea that happened to you and I don't think Chris knows either.

Pleas understand and tell Mason I am sorry for the funk this must have put you in. I like fucking with people like Bryce, sad, I know, but it is what I like. I'm just sorry you got drug into it all...

Samantha - November 20 at 2:22pm Reply
my daughter read that whole have no clue what bryce and his wife has done to me.......I am at a loss for words, but not actions.

Samantha - November 20 at 2:45pm Reply
your such a bigger person; Bryce is really messing with fire. I never said it. Lisa defriended me and now I know why.

Samantha - November 20 at 2:54pm Reply
Mason is calling him and will handle this. Tell your wife I am sorry they threw you guys into this. They say they are not about drama but what did he expect to accomplish? hurting your family? hurting my family? he had to know and want some one to get hurt from his bullshit lies. Please delete that post. I am begging you. My family is on here.....sister, brother, mom, cousins......Masons too - imagine what I am feeling

Kyle(Elmo) November 20 at 3:02pm

Samantha - November 20 at 3:26pm Reply
Mason is not happy, he will be here soon and he has already spoken to Bryce on the phone, Bryce tried talking shit to Mason and he just told Bryce to shut his fat ass mouth. I am good with my recovery. Just tell Bryce he is a sore ass looser cuz NO ONE BELIEVES HIM....and thats what is pissing him off, he wants to be someone who everyone listens to. I called my sponsor first. I printed the posts and Im taking them to the CR leaders. I'm also filing a police report against them both for harrassment. Lets see how his warrants work out for him when the police come knocking on his door. I am so glad you didnt believe his shit. I never text him anything about me getting rapped. He sent me a text and that is the one he forwarded to you. Take care!

Kyle - November 20 at 3:54pm
I knew it was bullshit, obviously, and I know how his mind works. Like I said I enjoy going after those kinds of's just what I do...

I hate it that innocent people got dragged into this, especially your daughter.

But Bryce's kind are a curse on civilization. They HAVE to be taken down for the good of all humanity. And yeah I like to play in the mud but at least I'm there to beat the bad guys...

Samantha - November 20 at 3:54pm Reply • Report
Bruce contacted me last yr on fb IM asking me to swing with him and his wife, its still in my history, now thats proof of a real false prophet. Im gonna get him for this....

Kyle - November 20 at 4:02pm
LOL! Damn girl, you know what I'd do with that info...;)

Time to take the tiger by the tail...

Samantha - November 20 at 4:21pm Reply
Oh Kyle, its only just begun...I know sooo much about them 2. Jennifer just cheated on Bryce with John XXXXX. They beat thier 3 yr old son and he was taken from them and placed with the grandparents. At this little boys party Bryce didnt even raise one finger to help. I took the kids to my house to play and even put together his birthday toys. Thier oldest son has brain damage from when Bryce was using he shook him and scrambled his brains, jenn told me all of this. He nade his son retarded. Also, they were about to loose SSI so jenn took him her son to the doctor and upped his meds so they can keep the ssi money to pay for her moms apartment! Jenn also stole medication from me at my daughters birthday party. I never said a word. My neighbor caught her and Bryce takes his sons ridilin (ADHD MED) thats why he is up so late. Jennifer is addicted to pain pills. Got the picture?

And then while I was putting this post together, what do you know, Lisa sent me a message too...

Lisa - November 21 at 5:40pm
how are you doing? i just want you to know that i was friends with samantha at one time and the things that she said about you i know it is not true. she is crazy. i know it has been awhile since we have talked, but if you want to call me. let me know. imnot going to let someone like that talk bad about. take care lisa

Kyle - November 21 at 6:35pm
Well, this is the gift that just keeps on giving! Did Sam REALLY accuse me and Chris of raping her? I feel like a nice little game is being played here, and you are all in it together.

But that is OK, I like playing games. Especially when I know I'm going to win from the beginning. If there are concerns that I won't be quiet about this...those concerns are VERY well warranted...

To be continued...

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