Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pussy Ass Chickenhawk of the Month: Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC)

Sen. DeMwit called Democrats in congress "wimps" and blamed the debate over war funding for troop deaths in Iraq. What a bunch of poppycock! As one of Greenville's Wade Hampton High's wussiest pupils of all time, Jim boy passed on the Vietnam war. He was too busy selling pocket protectors. What a dork. You're the wimp Mr. DeMint.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You'll Always Have a Place in My Heart

Life gives us but a few true heroes. You will never stand alone Cindy.

Fuck the posers...that's what I say.

Top General has No Idea How Many Americans have Died in Iraq

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter "The Tweeker" Pace on Memorial Day-

"When you take a look at the life of a nation and all that's required to keep us free, we had more than 3,000 Americans murdered on 11 September, 2001. The number who have died, sacrificed themselves since that time is approaching that number," General Pace told CBS Early Show's Harry Smith. "And we should pay great respect and thanks to them for allowing us to live free."

2,996 Americans died in 9/11.

3464 Americans have died in Iraq. 24,314 have been injured. They are not there for our freedom, they are there so a select few can make lots of $$$$$$$$$.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Band of the Week: Mad Mexicans

First of all, I love it when this little bitch cries...Just So You Know. I mean, listening to John boy cry about not going after the terrorist! Give me a break! The terrorist are in Afghanistan and Pakistan you stupid dick licker! No one is buying your fake ass sobbing so come back to the real world, 'cause The Revolution Has Begun...and We Ain't Afraid.

See The Mad Mexicans tonight at Redrum.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Special Comment: By Elmo

K.O. gave his gentle, Shakespearean-like smack down tonight. So what. Now you get Elmo's bitchslapping...

Do you think we gave you(Democrats) the majority to pussy foot? Huh? Seriously, you've talked the talk but that shit just doesn't cut it. How dare you fuck-faces disobey us! Do you think you're fucking special? Well, your not. We'd just as soon kick your wimpy ass to the curb then let our country fall apart...shit for brains. You just don't realize it yet.

I understand your pussy ass concerns...I just don't give a shit. Your job is not to be whatever the fuck you think is popular. It's to do the people's bidding. And we'd like our fucking country back bitch!

So, you've got two choices. Get us the fuck out of Iraq...or we're cleaning house.

Don't believe me? Fine.

If you're worried about your legacy, I could give two shits. You were not hired to look good. You were hired to do what the fuck we say, asshole. It's not your's ours.

You've just lit a fire you cant put out...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dumbest Democrat in America: BOB KERREY

At least the former Senator from Nebraska is not a chickenhawk. He's an ex-Navy SEAL who in Vietnam ordered the execution of women and children. He's a Medal of Honor winner.

Apparently...he learned nothing during his two months in Nam.

You see, the ex-baby killer still thinks that Democracy can be imposed with military force. He uses Japan and Germany as his first example. Mr. Kerry, sir, those were conventional wars, not civil wars. Your third example, Bosnia, is a closer comparison. But we only agreed to intervene to secure the borders under the U.N. after the area was partitioned into three ethnically segregated countries. Which will ultimately happen in Iraq with or without us there.

The war to overthrow Saddam Hussein is over. What remains is a war to overthrow the government of Iraq.

(i.e. civil war.)

The key question for Congress is whether or not Iraq has become the primary battleground against the same radical Islamists who declared war on the U.S. in the 1990s and who have carried out a series of terrorist operations including 9/11. The answer is emphatically "yes."

Actually, the answer is emphatically "No." That would still be in Afghanistan, not Iraq.

This does not mean that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11; he was not. Nor does it mean that the war to overthrow him was justified--though I believe it was. It only means that a unilateral withdrawal from Iraq would hand Osama bin Laden a substantial psychological victory.

Ug? So now we're worried about Osama bin Laden's feelings? Why don't we defeat him by, ummmm...killing him!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Dedication Friday: To Alberto and George...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The All New Coulterbombie5000 With Remote!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Military wives' whining wears on Dr. Laura

Like they have something to whine about!!! I've worn a layer of skin off my cock to these pics of Dr. Laura! They can just shut the fuck up!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Please, Quit Your Day Job!

Chimpy found his true calling over the weekend...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Band of the Week: Twangzilla

Karl Rove and his goons got in a fight with some of the 11 congressman who gave Bush a good "talkn' to" yesterday. Representative LaHood form Illinois said "it was like getting attacked by Crickets and Butterflies." Another said "Rove bounced around like a Rabbit in a Log." When Rove realized he was getting his ass kicked, he started playing the victim..."I'm so sorry," Rove said wiping tears from his eyes. I Don't Mean to Cry, I've just been under so much pressure..." The rest was inaudible because he was running away. I'll Go Steppin' Too. teh l4m3, Love Please Come Home.

See Twangzilla tonight at The Parlor.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Are you Really Surprised?

Remember how the wingnuts crucified Kofi Annan over the U.N. oil for food program scandals? Well, turns out that oil giant Chevron was providing kick backs to Saddam Hussein. Chevron had an internal policy committee who's job it was to audit this sort of shit, but they ignored it. Guess who was in charge of this committee? Go on, guess!

Condoleezza Rice O Roni.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's So Easy An Infantryman Can Do It

I got under the skin of the good people over at Mike's Fascist America Blog. They don't like being called chickenhawks. Mike said he could line up dozens of current military to repudiate my chickenhawk claim, but could only come up with one...Lieutenant REMF(rear echelon mother fucker).

Lt. REMF complained like a little bitch about how you didn't have to be in combat to be a hawk. I called bullshit of course, like any good grunt would. You see, Lt. REMF is an annalist; he thinks he's fucking Jack Ryan. LT. REMF says it's just a few of us that think this way, and that we make the military look bad. Well, you couldn't be more wrong Lt.REMF. All but a few of us are rude, crude and filthy, and we all look good! Watch this candid account from a soldier in Iraq.

You see, when you have to work in the worst of conditions, while hungry and sleepy and bruised, your humor tends to be a little dark. Now throw in people trying to kill get my point?

It got so bad on Mike's blog that he started me on the "three strikes" rule. I currently have one strike left.

So anyway...squawk on chickenhawks, squawk on! Eat this...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Guess Who's Been Drinking Again

BUSH: ‘I’m honored to be here with the eternal general of the United States, mi amigo Alberto Gonzales.’

Friday, May 04, 2007

Band of the Week: Monkies Doin' It

Wawa Nellie! Did you see the size of that chickenhawk!?! They're All Around me, help! They're ruining the American Dream with all the chickenhawk shit droppings... and that smell. Yuk. But, I guess if you look at it from their Point of View...wait, why the hell would I want to do that? I'd rather watch Monkies Doin' It.

Send in the Clowns...

Watch this shit and tell me it doesn't have third-riche written all over it. I dare you.

Can you guess who the #1 Chickenhawk of all time is?

Your mom...

Well, I've Still Got the Cowboys

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"I'm the Commander Guy"

"And as you know, my position is clear -- I'm the commander guy."

- George W. Bush - May 2, 2007

What do aliens, dinosaurs and gay marriage have in common?

I have no idea, but they will tell you at the new creation museum in Cincinnati. Did you know the sun is younger than the earth? Are there little green men know, out there? When is a day not a day? You wont believe how much there is to learn!

I got these cool comics from their website...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

“Mission Accomplished”

U.S. Troops Wounded
May 1, 2003 542 Today 24,912

U.S. Troops Killed
May 1, 2003 139 Today 3,351

Contractors Killed
May 1, 2003 69 Today 394

Journalists / Media Killed
May 1, 2003 11 Today 167

U.S. Forces in Iraq
May 1, 2003 150,000 Today 146,000

Iraqi Security Forces
May 1, 2003 7,000-9,000 Today 334,300

Number of Insurgents
May 1, 2003 less than 5,000 Today 70,000(Sunni only)

Insurgent Attacks Per Day
May 1, 2003 8 Today 148.9

Cost to U.S. Taxpayers
May 1, 2003 $79 billion Today $421 billion

Approval of Bush’s Handling of Iraq
May 1, 2003 75% Today 24%

Percentage of Americans who believe the Iraq war
Was “Worth Fighting”

May 1, 2003 70% Today 34%

Bush’s Overall Job Approval
May 1, 2003 71% Today 32%

(data from ThinkProgress)
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