Thursday, July 29, 2010

TeaBagger - The Movie

The Confederate-Corporatists are serious this time!!! There will be BLOOD IN THE STREETS!!! ROFLMAO!!!! Yeah, yeah motherfuckers, you will kill some innocent Americans in an attempt to get "The Government" to kill a few of you in the anticipation of Civil War II(remember what Einstein said about doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result?).

I, for one, hope they succeed. I would love to put a few corporatist notches on my belt securing another 100+ years for our American Union. Fuck the Confederate-Corporatist scum. If they want a war...let's give the stupid motherfuckers what they want. It'll make the Israeli six day war in 1956 seem like it took a millennium. Seriously, like their love wouldn't last a half-minute...

P.S. I must confess that I would not have written this post had the Cartwrights from Bonanza not been in the trailer...that shit was just uncalled for...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When 1 out of 3 makes Stupid

“As for the virtuous poor, one can pity them, of course, but one cannot possibly admire them. They have made private terms with the enemy, and sold their birthright for very bad pottage. They must also be extraordinarily stupid.” -- Oscar Wilde

So, the very last line in the Declaration of Independence says "...we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor." And back in the day, ya-know, 1776...they 'wernt just talkin' out their asses.

Today, no such luck.

Today, the only thing the wealthy land owners pledge is their sacred honor, and lock their lives and their fortunes in an overseas secured fortress tax haven. Today, talk is cheap. Today, jackasses like Glen Beck use the phrase to stoke the stupid into a traitorous trace-like state. The only thing they'll ever "pledge," you see, is their honor. And they, too, sold that birthright for very bad pottage...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Corporatist Stooge Call NAACP Racist while being an Ugly Racist

No shit, listen to this backward-ass teabagger show how utterly ignorant he is.

But he did not come up with all that on his own, he's too stupid to have come up with it himself. He learned it from Rush Limpbaugh and rest of the corporatists media.

But what the hell, we already whooped their asses in one race war why not do it again...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What if the Tea Party was Black?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Corporatists vs The American People

The authoritarian followers among our society need the world laid out in black and white terms to even begin to understand what is going on around them -- now is the time to accommodate them. It's quite simple(as they like it); are they for the American people or are they on the side of the corporatists?

Ask them to their faces. Every time you hear a self proclaimed conservative even hint sympathy in the direction of big oil, big banks, big insurance etc., point at them and yell "CORPORATIST!!!" Question your family and friends, strangers and acquaintances. The time for bashfulness is over.

We can no longer let the debate be muddled in a confusing sloth of bullshit if we are to win this battle. A line in the sand has to be drawn. We need a clear enemy on the other side. When I look across that line I see corporatists, who do you see?

The corporatists want us divided...let's get divided...

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Douchebag University is now Open

Have you ever pictured your sweet, precious offspring growing up to make ass-loads of money off of nothing more than pure douchebaggery?

You do if your a wingnut!

So come one, come all and enroll in the only school guaranteed to teach your children about pure evil. We'll show them real life scenarios
of drunkards fucking penguins, liberals pissing on the crucifix, environmentalist shitting their pants, and much, much more. We have exclusive access to the most horrific of evils because our campus resides on the rim of hell! So you know little Johny and Sally will get the best exposure to evil before heading out into the cold cruel world! And with the cost of higher education these days, how refreshing is it to know you will not have to pay a dime, monetarily...your soul is as good as gold here...

The first lesson is for the ladies...
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