Friday, May 04, 2007

Band of the Week: Monkies Doin' It

Wawa Nellie! Did you see the size of that chickenhawk!?! They're All Around me, help! They're ruining the American Dream with all the chickenhawk shit droppings... and that smell. Yuk. But, I guess if you look at it from their Point of View...wait, why the hell would I want to do that? I'd rather watch Monkies Doin' It.


Blogger Elmo said...

The paper work from the state just came in! My new official name is...

Kyle "Dubie" Dubenetzky

Sat May 05, 12:27:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Butchieboy said...

That is a great name for a band.

Sat May 05, 06:24:00 PM CDT  

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