Sunday, July 04, 2010

Douchebag University is now Open

Have you ever pictured your sweet, precious offspring growing up to make ass-loads of money off of nothing more than pure douchebaggery?

You do if your a wingnut!

So come one, come all and enroll in the only school guaranteed to teach your children about pure evil. We'll show them real life scenarios
of drunkards fucking penguins, liberals pissing on the crucifix, environmentalist shitting their pants, and much, much more. We have exclusive access to the most horrific of evils because our campus resides on the rim of hell! So you know little Johny and Sally will get the best exposure to evil before heading out into the cold cruel world! And with the cost of higher education these days, how refreshing is it to know you will not have to pay a dime, monetarily...your soul is as good as gold here...

The first lesson is for the ladies...


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