Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sam & Sally Simpleton are Economists now, well, no...but they did stay at a Limp-baugh Inn Express last night!

Look Sam, and Sally, I know you have not had too many enlightning experiences in your lives. I can only imagine how much that must suck, seriously. I can even understand that you could give two shits about the evidence history provides us, or just plain simple logic for that mater; but isn't it at the part of this insidious cycle we go through where you give it a fucking rest?

How much more mocking and ridicule can your cause endure before your numbers reach prehistoric like, ahhh...Armageddon like proportions! Uh, strike that...silly me, you fucks want that shit.

Forgive me, lets get back on topic. So you simple guys and gals are pissed, I can see that. You expect simple answers to complex questions and that kind of ridicules horseshit thinking ain't quite as popular as you think it should be. Am I right? Of course I am.

Look, shit-for-brains, I ain't got a lot of time here and quite frankly you kind of people perturb me. So listen up and get me straight the first time. You are sheep, and the sheep herder (i.e. your dear leader Limp) you follow is fucking you up the ass as we speak. And not even giving you a reach around. Have you ever stopped to think just once he might have ulterior motives? Like making himself rich off your stupidity (not to mention getting his jollies off the power he has over you)? Hell no, of course you haven't. You're idiots.

Look, we have no hope of compromise. It's your way or the highway and frankly, your road make the Chisholm Trail seem like a comfy stroll down memory lane. There is no reasoning with you. You already know it all and screw revelations to the contrary. So you sheep bah bah bah about TAX CUTS!!!


You know that sounds cool! You got a hard on...didn't you? One question. Where the fuck have you been the last eight years? Do you know that the Fed rate is near zero? Do you think taxes should be zero? Because that's where we're heading. Do you still think that's a good idea? I know, you're confused at best. And when confused, you'll just parrot what dear leader Limp says. That is what makes you wingnuts. There is no changing that.

Spending got us out of The Great Depression, morons. It was called WWII. Remember? You love to proclaim that fact! What? Not anymore? ROFLMAO!!!

You will have to be made fun of to the point it is mental torture. That's right, I said it...TORTURE! There is no shame too low to bestow on you. No ridicule too obscene. By the time your legacy is done your lives' journeys will out match the greatest Shakespearean tragedies. Funny thing is...that fact will make you proud of yourselves!

Well, enjoy your last days, winguts, I could care less if you go with a smile on your face or not. Just as long as your fascist asses are out the door...


Blogger Adorable Girlfriend said...

My favorite is that over the last eight years we were told to fuck off and go lube free. Now, the Republican'ts expect us to be bi-partisan on the stimulus/bail out plans.


Fri Feb 06, 01:15:00 PM CST  
Blogger Elmo said...

I know, these fucks think their shit don't stink. It's our job to apply said shit onto their upper lips, to prove to them it does stink...

Fri Feb 06, 09:07:00 PM CST  

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