Thursday, October 16, 2008

I need an objective after action review...

I caught a really big fish(LOL...just roll with me on this one...) over at The Dick Lick.

Ok, settle down you rowdy ass Liberal Patriots...

The bait was one of my MMWB posts. And I was just using some cheap ass 8lb tess line with a rusted hook laced with the truth!!!

But the wingnuts there took to me, inviting me to contribute to the OpSpecialEd page on their lame ass blog. Well, elmo being elmo, I was happy to oblige.

The result, another slam-dunk. In the face of every dirty ass Tory out there. How many times have you asked yourself..."why do these Tories even try?" The answer...they're retarded. Seriously. If you've got a better explanation I'm all ears?

Obviously, as with all confrontations with wingnuts, I was forced to explain myself in the most basic of sand lot recess politics...I was confronted with the dreaded THREE QUESTIONS!!!

I started to get flustered, but then I thought...I know that's some scary shit, but take a deep breath, elmo, there are Liberals here to help. Dig deep ELMO!!! Then I pulled myself together. Ain't no Tory in history that ever stood up to, and got away with, degenerating a Patriot!

So, feeling the line tighten, I set the hook. Did I pull too soon? Or too late? Granted I caught the fish, albeit a malnourished perch...but a fish none the less. Still, there has to be some lessons to be learned here? What say you?

I give you, dear reader, the Coda...

TDL(dirty stinking Tory):

Since you obviously cant engage in a normal discussion without foaming at the mouth, I'll break it down simply to you with a few 'yes or no' questions:

1) Do you deny that liberals seek bigger government? Yes or no....

2) Are you saying that it is not the liberal agenda, but the conservative agenda that seeks large, intrusive soical programs? Yes or no....

3) Are you implying that the people that founded America were pro-abortion and pro gay marriage? Yes or no....
TLA | 10.16.08 - 11:50 am | #

elmo(fucking stud ass Patriot):

There you go again...

I know that authoritarian gene you were born with makes you incapable of deducing variables around facts, and that limits you to answering life's most critical issues with simple questions and answers, but the real world does not work that way (see current Retardican caused financial crises).

But what the hell, I'll entertain you...

1. Liberals believe in one thing and one thing only about government. And that is that it is the peoples. Period. Big or small.

2. I am saying that it is the conservatives' agenda to limit the peoples participation in government through reverse psychology. But in fact...y'all are nothing but dirty ass Tories.

3. It is a fact that our founding fathers were progressive at the time of our founding. Soon after which, some decided to start acting like Tories once they were in charge. But they were smacked down by the Bill of Rights. As before and as it will always be, true Patriots have been battling Tories none stop...
elmo | Homepage | 10.16.08 - 9:38 pm | #


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