Wednesday, December 01, 2010

To Be A Conservative

To be a conservative,
is to be from Tory descent;
to quote the Constitution,
not knowing what it meant.

To see freedom in restraint,
rights in selfishness;
To damn the poor,
to the point of helplessness.

To roll the dice,
and take Park Place;
or to loose it all,
for having no Grace.

To send troops to war,
far and wide;
but the conservative,
only watches from the side.

To hide the truth,
by dimming the lights;
fond of keeping reality,
clearly out of sight.

To praise responsibility,
on all and the same;
but cried like a school girl,
after the tax-man came.

To look at the oceans,
the sky and old sod,
as if it were unbreakable,
by the hands of human lords.

To wrap up they live in spit,
for pride is a conservative's might;
yet always fearing the pain,
of being bitchslapped in a motherfuckin' Liberal's quatrain!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will pray for you.

Thu Dec 29, 12:23:00 PM CST  

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