Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Wimpiest Man ever to Walk the Earth

All the mocking is starting to get to the Limpster. The other day on the Stephanie Miller radio show actress/comedian Aisha Tyler made a joke threatening to kick Rush Limpbaugh in the VAGINA...listen...

Well, as you'd guess, Rush caught wind of it and had some projection to sling on us Liberals. After bringing up the joke and acting like it didn't bother him, he is now on a daily motif of wondering "how any REAL(with smarmy emphasis on the word 'real') man could ever be Liberal."

Well, Limpy, we start by bucking up and serving our country if possible, especially during wartime. Which in your case was clearly achievable, were it not for you being a chickenshit hiding behind your daddy's money. What a Puss.

I mean, come on! Why do conservatives always hide behind their daddies, big-brothers, money, false persona, fenced in communities, religion, and so on and so on? Why? Why can't they just stand on their own accord?

Because they are not REAL men...that's why...


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