Saturday, April 17, 2010

Teabagger's Anthem

I've been thinking like I fuck on this question...long and hard. The Teabaggers need an anthem. A strong song that encapsulates their ignorant stubbornness to a, well...Tea. But what should it be? It would have to be a song with glaring specifics and eye rolling inner "YES"'s.

Well my friends, your little fury buddy from the 80's hair-band generation has found the perfect Teabagger anthem! Feel free to come up with a good song from your own generation, but my find was just too rich to pass up. Starting with the name of the band...

...Cinderella. Just that single word describes what the Teabaggers think of themselves. Am I right? They are waiting on a fairy godmother to turn their pumpkins into chariots and their rodents into chauffeurs; they stumble around the capital grounds on one glass slipper; and oh yeah, it's midnight bitches...your time is up!

The song Cinderella must have written with future Teabaggers in mind...Bad Seamstress Blues, Fallin´ Apart At The Seams. With lines like "my hearts like a wheel and my heads just a stone..." and the southern draw of the song, DAMN!!! So give it a gander and tell me what you think, then come up with your own Teabagger anthem and share the love!

Bad Seamstress Blues, Fallin´ Apart At The Seams - CINDERELLA


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