Monday, April 05, 2010

I Agree with George Will

Privatizing Social Security is a good election strategy. Think about it. They have their base crying for less government with a motivation seen maybe only every other decade? To let an opportunity like this slip through their fingers would be not only irresponsible, but stupid. Hell, we just proved that by passing health care reform. If we did not claw, fight and scratch our way to the top of the mountain health care reform would not have resurfaced as a legitimate passable issue for a decade or more. The only prudent thing for the Republicans to do would be to run on repealing Social Security.

Yes, it would be a good strategy...if Retardicans had any hair on their asses!!! BUT THEY DON'T!!! Look what we just did? We had to have enough hair on our asses to weave and Indian blanket to PASS HEALTH CARE REFORM!!! And we still have some left over!!! What do the Retardicans got? Hairless asses and sweet-pee balls, that's what! We saw the opportunity of a lifetime and took it. They see the opportunity of a lifetime and suck their thumbs from a featle position in the corners of their basements(after screaming and yelling a lot, of course).

But I don't know, maybe this time will be different? Is there some hair on some of their asses the microscope did not pic up? I doubt it. But we'll see...


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