Sunday, March 07, 2010

Where are Your Free Market Principles, PEOPLE!?!

Forgive me while I put this conservative ass-hat on and give it a gander...

All the Conservative uprising over the Republican National Committee Finance Chairman Rob Bickhart making too much money has gone WAY over the fucking top. If you are a true conservative, stop it. Now.

We have not spent the last 100 fucking years building the Free Marget; working our fingers to the bone to preserve it's rightful place in history, to all of a sudden start criticizing one of our own for MAKING TOO MUCH MONEY! Am I the only rational fucking Conservative left? So the guy figured out how to make more money for his work? Why should a true Conservative have a problem with that? Did I just wake up and find myself in an entirely different fucking dimension?

Listen, I know I'm a little...scratch that...VERY FUCKING MAD over this and I should wait to calm down before writing anything. But, I can't. I would literally grab my Glock and head to the nearest federal building if I did not get this off my chest. So please forgive the harshness. I just feel we are giving the liberals fuel for their socialist fire with this one.

And there is precedent for my fears. Remember Elliott Broidy, the "former" Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee? He found a way to make money from the New York state's pension funds and now faces jail time! Capitalists are literally being taken to the slaughter!

Please people, I beg you. Find your Conservative soul I know you have inside you and stop this persecution of Capitalists. If not we will finally be loved by liberals, but not for our core principles...instead, it will be because we are an endangered species.

Think about it.

One final thought, check out how Politico calls Rob Bickhart just an RNC "official" overlooking his true title...Republican National Committee Finance Chairman.


Blogger Mr. Guesa said...

Just start sending bags of dog shit to people. It's annoying but not harmful enough to file a lawsuit. It just might work.

Tue Mar 09, 05:09:00 PM CST  
Blogger Elmo said...

I'm not sure what you're getting at there, Mr.Guesa, but I shall not be sending bags of shit to anybody...

Tue Mar 09, 06:55:00 PM CST  

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