Monday, February 01, 2010

Sen. Kyl gets Latrine Duty

Senator Kyl (R-AZ) gave a nifty little speech on the Senate floor this morning. Yep, he was chosen to be today's lie dispenser, and it was a doozy! He pulled what I like to call the 'I'm the rubber and you're the glue, bounces off me and sticks on you' manifestation of the wingnut projection phenomena.

This is where conservatives not only project their faults onto the Liberal opposition, but they use the EXACT facts and rhetoric that Liberals used against them to prove conservatives' ineptitude, facts and rhetoric not even old enough to collect dust in Arizona, and claim that the facts and stolen rhetoric are new BUT perpetrated by the damn Liberals!

It has to be the most demeaning form of projection. Poor Sen. Kyl, having to take one for the team, getting laughed at by any citizen with more that two brain cells to rub together, but having to sale a bill of goods to the retarded base(teabaggers).

And his BIG lie, the fact he is trying to bounce off them and stick to us...Sen. Kyl said today on the Senate floor that President Obama had borrowed more money from foreign countries than all the other presidents, COMBINED. Except, or course, President Bush was the one to do that...back in 2005.

Check out the 1:30 mark on of this youtube of the house floor back in 2006...

So get ready for your crazy neighborhood 'bagger to start slinging this lie around like a teabag flopping around on a Mini-Pearl hat...


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