Thursday, February 18, 2010

**UPDATED**CPAC Seats Michael Steele at the Back of the Bus

The first guest on this morning's Washington Journal was the American Conservative Union Chairman David Keene. Mr. Keene is running this year's CPAC convention being held this weekend in Washington D.C. A caller asked Mr. Keene about the lack of diversity in the conservative movement, which he ducked and dodged, then was asked by the host Susan Swain..."speaking of diversity, is Michael Steel speaking at the conference?"

A question that Mr. Keene awkwardly answered "no," then went on to shuffle in his seat before interjecting "but he will be speaking at the CPAC ball..."


Michael Steel did talk at the Ronald Reagan Banquet. But the real story of this video(link below) starts at about 3:15 mark. The fools do our job for us and bring out the best Bush impersonator I have ever seen! He was hilarious!!! The crowed was not all that into it, the house would have been rocking at a Liberal event! He flat out pisses them off at some points. He even breaks into song playing a little blues ditty on the guitar. You MUST watch it! Then jump to the 24:30 mark and listen to Michael Steele get introduced to no fanfare at all(oh, and some soul music)...

The best damn Bush impersonator of all time!


Blogger Alex said...

They probably find his lame attempts to be "hip" and "in-touch" as excruciating as the rest of us. I lived in Maryland during his failed run for governor and I never heard him speak like that. They call Obama the affirmative action president. I'd say Steele deserves the "affirmative action" title because we all know he was only given his job to make the RNC seem more diverse, which it still does not. Not to mention he is so ridiculously inept at trying to appeal to the African-American and younger populations, he has most likely done more harm than good.

Mon Feb 22, 12:17:00 AM CST  
Blogger Elmo said...

I agree, thanks for stopping by...

Mon Feb 22, 09:15:00 AM CST  

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