Saturday, February 06, 2010


The Baby Boom generation has been called the most egocentric generation in the history of mankind. I can't imagine many disagreeing with that. They have, from their inception, demanded relevance whether it be true and earned or made up out of whole cloth. It's the first wave of the Baby Boom generation(hippies/teabaggers)that the second wave of boomers(punks),the Gen X'ers(punks) and the Gen Y'ers(echo boomers) have the most beef with. Ironically, these first generation boomers who are now trying to pull our county backwards are the same people who freed us from conservatism's grip to begin with.

Today's teabaggers were yesterday's hippies. How odd is it to have that roll off the tongue? But it's true, teabaggers used to have beads in their hair and shit between their toes. And we all owe them a debt of gratitude for it. The culture that they were born into was a dull gray slab of conservatism. They took a world of long dresses, whites shirts/black ties and crew-cuts and turned it on its head. So much of the cultural freedoms we take for granted today were fought for and gained by these first generation boomers/hippies. The only problem is, now they are trying to take all those freedoms back.

So now they've had a change of heart, now that harshly conservative culture they fought so hard to defeat is their call to arms. The unjust wars they used to march against they now create. The personal life choices they once giveth, now they taketh away. And so on and so on till their worldly views are now that of which they fought in their youth. But why? Why is what was good for them so bad for the rest of us now? Because they lost their relevance, that's why.

The country changed because of them and intern those changes became commonplace. People wear their hair and cloths as liberally as they want. Races and cultures mix freely. Peace and love are preferred to constant war. Racism is taboo and sexism is waning. Quite frankly, we do not need the boomers any longer. And that, my friends, pisses them right the fuck off. Their relevance fleeted and they want it back. So now they intend to take us back to where they began.

Sorry charlie, we don't intend to go backwards. You can take your regression and shove it up your ass. I may be wrong about why boomers are boomeranging, but one thing is for sure...the same people who broke us free from the chains of conservatism are now trying to re-incarcerate us.


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