Monday, July 27, 2009

You 'No Public Health Care Option' Retardican Scum can Suck my Dick

Yeah, I'm talking to you, Rep. John Carter. I'm watching you right now on CSPAN complaining because you had to reword your newsletters to refer to the majority as "The Majority Party" instead of "The Democrat Party." And you are soooo distraught because you were not allowed to put that phony health care chart you assholes are trying to peddle in them, too. Boo-fucking-hoo. So you are claiming your freedom of speech is being infringed upon. Just another smoke screen, ain't it Mr. Carter? Damn right it is. You're too afraid if you have no cover and concealment...anything that keeps the people from discussing and debating honestly, will show you and other Retardicans to have hearts as black and cold as a Kentucky coal mine in January. You will rot in Hell you fucking greedy Sons-of-a bitches. Oh great...Ted Poe is next, followed by Steve King.

You know, when you stand and beat your chests like you conservative butt-fucks do and shout about how you "stand for your principals" -- it is counter to said screeching about standing for your principals. You guys have a really bad problem with that. So why don't you just come out and say what you are thinking; what you say with like minded kooks and chuckle -- "fuck the poor bastards and their heath...let them use band-aids!"? Stand by your principals motherfuckers!

Every time we Americans get together to right some wrong you conservative cock-roaches try and block it. Every. Single. Time. Against our Revolution: conservative...CHECK! Against freeing the slaves: conservatives...CHECK! Against African Americans right to vote: conservatives...CHECK! Against woman's right to vote: conservatives...CHECK! Against ending segregation: conservatives...CHECK! And so on and so on throughout the history of this great nation. What the fuck is up with you conservatives? Is there a cold-dark-heart gene or something? Is it a learned trait? What the fuck? Why do you fuckers hate liberty and prosperity for all but your kind?

I'm sure this "telling us what we can say and not say" bullshit meme will spread like wildfire. I mean, the whole birther movement is blowing up in your face so you need something to distract from that, too. So fine, you can show that chart and say "Democrat party" all you want on the floor of the house. But we don't have to spend our hard earned tax dollars to spread your lies. Tough titty said the kitty. I cannot yell "FIRE" in a crowded theater, either. I can't say "fuck" at all on T.V. or radio. So you have to use proper English and cannot spread your lies on our dime. Grow the fuck up you damn losers.


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