Thursday, April 09, 2009

A View to a Perception

Let's face it, we all know rule #1 in wingnutville is that perception is king. No exceptions, no arguments to the contrary; if you forget rule #1, you get your ass kicked out of the Conservatorium and cast into Liberalville. Which explains why they must project their faults onto Liberals continuously...but that's for another post. Today we concentrate on, perception.

Now, the roots of their perception fetish is legendary, from the spit-shined dress to the perfect hair. To the Retardican, if you look good you've won half the battle(I know, I KNOW! but that's for another post also!!!). So, we happen to be living in an age where Retardicans are acting out an old script and the entire nation knows it's a tragedy- no longer a romantic comedy...because, uh, we all had to buy our own tickets this time.

But besides having their suits starched, their ties on straight, and keeping the hair-spray industry thriving by not letting a hair out of place- what more do they have these days?

You are correct! The answer IS a skull whose brains have been scooped out and replaced by that string of turds that people who take those colon cleansing solutions dig out of their toilets and call a "Karl Rove!"(trust me, you DO NOT want to click on this link)

Now that that little bit of uncomfortableness is over, lets get down and dirty. When Ronald "The Clown" Reagan got to the "big stage"- the Retardican was born. Into the Abyss he did cast conservatism, by which I mean, he pushed them onto a stage where conservatives are gauged and promoted on their ability to project the character they are trying to get the audience to believe in. They have to perform well, or the audience will be lost. That is why the more ridiculous they get over the years the more they have to have a self proclaimed monopoly on the greatest morals and purest values ever to bless mankind. Bar none.

Think about it, and I'm serious here, if anyone knows a good value or a decent moral a wingnut HAS NOT claimed as their own over the last thirty years I'd like that information. I'm racking my brains here and I can't think of single one!

Here are a few of the retards' so called "values" one can easily prove they have betrayed without even bating an eye...

Trustful, loyal, helpful, friendly, curious, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. And that is just the Boy Scout Law, don't forget about what they did to the Constitution!

But no matter how bad the slip-up, the Retardican will never fall out of character. The facade can never be taken down. Failures can never be reveled to the public. Because if the perception dies, they die. And that's just what happens to motherfuckers with no sense of reality...time and time again...


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