Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Freepers Creepers

Have you tried to go and buy any ammunition lately? Don't bother going to any local retailer...all the shelves are bare. I couldn't believe it. "You have NO ammunition?" But lucky for me, there was some crazy conspiracy loon near by who recognized the what the fuck? look on my face and came over to educate me...

Crazy Conspiracy Loon: "Damn man, haven't you heard?"

Elmo: "Heard what?"

Crazy Conspiracy Loon: "The Government is about to tax ammo so much it wont be affordable...where have you been!?!"

Elmo: "Sweet Jesus..." drops head, shakes it, and walks away

So I get home, Google for about three seconds, and what do I find? Mother. Fucking. Freepers!

I need to explain something to you Freeper retards...and yes, you are retards. If the day ever comes where America's government has collapsed, and anarchy ensues, your guns and ammo will be passed from one cold dead hand to another...starting with your own...


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