Monday, April 27, 2009

Cruel and Unusual

I've had just about enough of this fucking torture debate. And GOD DAMMIT I mean every word of this fucking post...

You, the fucking ignorant, lazy, loose-brained 50% of the American people who think torture is "ok"..."sometimes." You fucking disgust me. And that goes for my fucking mother, too. Do you really think you are that smart? Brave? Decisive? You are nothing of the sort. In fact, you're stupid, cowardly, and knee-jerk as all get out. You don't have the rationalization(good sense)the good Lord gave a gnat!

Fifty percent of you, huh? Wow. Reminds me of another time in America's history where 50% of the people slaved, and slaved, and slaved over an issue. We fought a Civil War over that, didn't we? Hmmm, makes one think. Some in the south didn't condone the brutal forms of slavery, but slavery was "ok" in "some" situations when done "humanely."

The pro-torture losers here in Texas are already talking secession and calling it...get this..."state's rights." How many states will follow? Will your pea-brained pro-torture ass join in? Will you follow your state into rebellion for torture? Does that seem like a more patriotic cause than slavery to you?

Oh, I hear ya..."that's ridiculous Elmo!" But I beg to differ, dickwad. Remember that major issue this country was divided 50/50 over in 1852, when Harriet Beecher Stowe published Uncle Tom's Cabin in response to the pro-slavery movement? Of course you don't, you do not read. But answer me this, wingnut - what is the single most important issue that divides Americans today, if not torture?

What? Torture is not a "major" issue to you? Neither was "slavery" to the social retards of the 1850's, but look where that got us. So, are you going to be one of the fools who fight for torture that claims to be fighting for state's rights? If we have another civil war, like the inbred toothless crackers in this country want, will you follow them? I wanna know. Will you fight for torture under the banner of "state's rights"?

I know you torture sympathizers cannot get your little fucking mush brains around the similarities between slavery and torture. I'd bet, similarly, you are just as confused with the concept of oxidation. If I told you that rust was the same thing as fire, I bet you'd call me an idiot. But, in fact, rust and fire are both oxidation. One just is slower and more methodical than the other. I'd also bet, the only way you'd ever "get it" is if you were actually tortured(or enslaved)yourselves...morons.

Somewhere along the way you shit stains forgot about the 8th amendment to the Constitution, which says simply that we as Americans do not condone cruel and unusual punishment. Somewhere along the line you figured you could get all lawyery and shit and decide for the rest of us that torture was "ok" if it was NOT done on Americans, but we could perform some "enhancive interrogating" on a fucking foreigner if we wanted to. Think again you fucking two-faced back stabbing Tories. You don't get to change the rules in mid-fucking-stride, without even voting on it. Hell! Without even FIGHTING for it!

You pukes make me sick. I'd be honored to fight against a slimy motherfucking un-American traitor such as yourself...


Anonymous jack rabbit said...

So if your daughter was kidnapped and you found sombody who was involved that knew where she was you would do nothing to get info?


Torture is ok.....somtimes

Quit being such a pussy

Wed Apr 29, 12:22:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Elmo said...

Wrong, Jack-ass. It is not. And it is also unconstitutional (that means un-American to you loose-brain'rs)

And one more thing...not torturing does not mean you do NOTHING to get "the info" retard....

Wed Apr 29, 01:27:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous jack rabbit said...

So what do you do, lick his balls until he tells you where she is?

Hell know you would punch him in the face.....which would be a form of torture. Right dum shit?

Or maybe (assuming you are the type of man I think you are) you let her die.

Oh yeah, when you licking his balls to get your info, be sure to thumb his ass.

Dickless Demi

Wed Apr 29, 03:27:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Elmo said...


Bitch, please! If the fairy-tale you made up comes to pass, and I have the asshole who has my daughter(if I had him wouldn't I have my daughter too?) I would tell him simply that if my daughter dies, you die. And I would mean it. But I would not torture him.

You wanna talk about licking balls? Lets talk about the balls you are licking. The sadistic pair on the devil...

Would you betray the second amendment to save your country, jackass? Would you suspend the Bill of Rights? Do you even know what that is?

Now, you fucking ignoramus, what a private citizen does in the heat of the moment is a far cry from GOVERNMENT FUCKING POLICY! Good God you are stupid! If a motherfucker so much as slapped my daughter I would put a fist to the tip of his chin, absolutely. But I would not detain and systematically cause as much sadistic pain on him that I could without him dieing.

Do you know that torture does not work? It has been written about for centuries by military scholars from Sun Tzu on down the line. But you think you are smarter than them...because you watch movies and shit where it works...

Wed Apr 29, 05:32:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous jack rabbit said...


Thu Apr 30, 12:02:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Elmo said...

Do I need to read it for you?

Thu Apr 30, 02:50:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Faded said...

Good rant, elmo. Oh, Look at Jack Rabbit Bauer with his TV show mentality and his "What if" horseshit.

These un-american cunts need to move to Russia where they can experience a government that truly does abuse its population. Only these fucking morons believe in this Michael Bay guide to life. Every day in Republican Fantasy land is an episode of the A-team crossed with the Inquisition.

Ignoring the Geneva convention will result in American soldiers being tortured and killed.

America used to stand for something, but weak ass cocksuckers like the rabbit sure don't have the spine to STAND up for freedom. Goddamn gutless wonders ought to be ashamed.

Anyway, good rant and post, Elmo.

Thu Apr 30, 10:24:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous jack rabbit said...

Maybe its time to get yourself laid Faded.

I nailed the shit out of Elhomo and ya'll can't handle it.

Fri May 01, 12:30:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Elmo said...

Nailed me? As if...

Ok, jack, time to set "ticking time bomb" scenario a flame, you dolt. Have you ever heard of "extraordinary and extenuating circumstances"? It's in the law, so we don't have to legalize torture "sometimes." If your "ticking time bomb" - jack watches too many movies - ever comes to pass(I know, too funny), then you do what you have to do and go to court to prove your point. A jury of your peers will decide if it was an extraordinary and extenuating circumstance.

But lets say you got the guy, and you know he knows where the nuke is. You torture him and he says L.A. is where the bomb is. So you spend the next twelve hours looking all over L.A., till Miami blows up...

Winner...elmo/ Loser...jack

Fri May 01, 05:05:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Faded said...

The Rabbit is Actually Porter Goss, trolling American bloggers!

Sun May 03, 05:35:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous j said...

great post, I had to have a talk with my very mother, a democrat, who for some reason rationalized the use of really caught me off guard. But it made me realize just how brainwashed we've become, TV shows, the media not standing up for whats right, and politicians glossing over these topics for their own political gain.

JR, I can't berate you. You've already joined the party line for pro-torture and rationalized its use for whatever reasons. Your fox news talking points of "what if your daughter was kidnapped" is the very scare tactics the republicans use to sway your inept reasoning skills. Think a little deeper on the subject and read a history book.

Lowering ourselves to the level of the terrorists will not make us safer. We can no longer take the moral high ground and what's worse is we have handed on a silver platter proof of why the terrorists fight us...

Wed May 20, 10:41:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Elmo said...

Thanks, j, that's a great comment. And your a better person than me...I could not have got through it without cursing...

Wed May 20, 07:11:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Geneva Conventions do no apply to non-uniformed insurgents, and waterboarding is not torture.


Thu Jun 25, 10:04:00 PM CDT  

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