Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Mattress Kings

It's called blackmail- What these rich crybabies do to us hard working Patriots. Of course it's treasonous, but worst of all, too many of us hard working Americans still fall for their bullshit. The truth of the matter is that fairness was tossed out the window about thirty years ago in the name of "smaller Government." Which, less we ever forget- is a synonym for "less American people" involved in governing.

No shit, these fuckers are trying to pull off the greatest con job of all time...making the American people believe their government does not belong to them anymore. In fact, some will go to great lengths to proclaim it never has belonged to us.

I(and many more like me) call bullshit.

Get used to it, you Tory-ass wingnuts, as long as a single true Patriot has breath in their lungs you will never win. That is just a historical fact. I don't give a fuck how loud you get. Pussies.

So, we have the rich oligarch aristocrats deciding that "all hell is breaking loss" for us working Americans. Typical. But this ongoing lie about the tax code has got to stop. Nobody pays a set rate on the entire profit they make, unless you're at the bottom. Everyone pays the same in the first 10% they make as everyone else. The same for the next tax bracket, and the next. But when a motherfucker gets into a tax bracket where he/she/it has to pay a high percentage ONLY in the highest particular tax brackets, all of a sudden they claim to have to pay the same high percentage of taxes on EVERY dollar they make! Liars.

They are stuffing their dollars under that proverbial mattress as we speak. Why do you think liquidity is still nonexistent even with the billions we gave the banks? Why are they still not lending? The answer is that they are still waiting for the bottom. The ROCK bottom(where most of us will be). That's why they're bitching so much. Because any true stimulus will at worst cloud the site of "the bottom", and at worst, make it too unpredictable for the oligarch wannabes to capitalize on. The common folk will eat up more of the economy than their lazy asses will be willing to work hard enough to steal.

That, my friends, is how the fascists fuck you, and in turn, how you fuck them. Take what they're selling at your own peril.


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