Friday, March 06, 2009

I Smell a Tory

What does a Tory smell like, you ask? A Tory smells like stupid. Mixed with a lot of wimpy-ness, and garnished with a tinge of evil...

First of all, you stupid-as-dirt Tory, that Braveheart theme music you have looping shows right off the bat how retarded you are. I mean really? Why couldn't we have gotten some Yankee Doddle Dandy?

You are no more a Patriot than George "W" Bush. You're both just as stupid. Am I hearing you right? You want to gin-up a revolution by claiming that the Liberals are doing what you conservative Tory losers just got caught doing? ROFLMAO!!! I think you should stick to that strategy.

You are not forced to cover your face like a "common criminal" or a "coward" like you say. This is America. You do so because you actually are a coward. Nobody is forcing you hide your face; you would not go to jail for the words you speak. You would be mercifully mocked, but not jailed. I think you are just a big pussy.

And Wow! Think God you woke me up! LOL, your racist ass is seriously going to try and school me on the Constitution? Bitch, please! You know? You would be able to actually read the Constitution if you'd stop wiping your ass with it...shit stains are hard to get out causing you to miss some of the important stuff, like Liberty and Justice for ALL.

Funny, how you think the Constitution says the "Republicans" should be in charge, when the Republican party wasn't formed until 1854, by anti-slavery activists. You did not know that, did you? It is true. The truth, it burns, doesn't it?

Guess what, asshole, no one is trying to take away your 2nd amendment rights. We, as a society, are demanding responsible ownership. So, I'm sorry if you cannot freely collect cases of grenades and RPG rounds like they do in Iraq. They are backed into "a corner", not you, dicklick.

Funny you mention the suspension of Habeas Corpus...

What did you say your rant was about? A "call to arms?" Bring it on you fascist pig! I for one think it is a perfect time for your ilk's last stand.

You are the tyrant, Tory. You squeeze freedom of it's breath. Ask yourself a simple question- do you support gay rights? No? Then what freedom do you speak of? The freedom to discriminate? Yep. But guess what, Bubba? We ain't gonna give you that freedom. Do you know why? Because it does not make sense to consider the act of discrimination as a freedom. They are opposites. Not to mention against the Constitution.

You are right about one thing. The enemy IS on our soil, but that enemy is you. You, the brain dead, retarded, racists dumb-fuck. But if you want a fight, a fight is what you will get.


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