Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whether it's evolution or devaluation, we haven't changed much...

Like Blue Girl says..."Everything old is new again"

Utah State Senator: Gay People Are 'The Greatest Threat To America'

Normally, as you all know, I would be itching to smash wingnut balls after listening to shit like that. But I'm strangely calm. I get this way when the combination of very very very old, very very old, very old, old, yesterday, and today circle my consciousness in a way my commoner ass can't ignore. But why?

Who gives a fuck? I don't. I'll leave that to the psychologists to figure out...

All I give a fuck about is not losing the clarity of sight so graciously given to me. Be it by evolution or God almighty - I don't give a fuck. Just give me more clarity! So I'll let The Existentialist Cowboy take it from here...


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