Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thune'r or Later

You knew the wingnuts would sling some shit like this at us Thune'r or later. That's what children do. And why the Blogs created me, Elmo, to destroy them. You see, I can get on their level rather easily. In a sick way I like being under their skin, making them itch.

Sen. John "Randolph" Thune and his merry band of retards thought it would be cute to stir up the posse with an amendment to the economic stimulus package so ridiculous that the Thunester himself couldn't even read it with a straight face last night when he brought it to the Senate floor. Hell, he didn't even get a second for a vote! The amendment basically would have used the $900+ billion to give $10,000+ to married couples and $5000+ to singles who earned less than $250,000 and paid income taxes in 2007. But it wasn't his baby anyway, it was Limp-baugh's. It was meant to be silly, for sure, but when Rush's authoritarian ass sees how much his sheep are embracing it he will declare it as serious as the gospels.

Limp was not on his radio show all week. He's been playing General and maneuvering the troops around the Senate floor like chess pieces. The fucker is so drunk with power he'll be proclaiming himself as the second coming of Christ soon. And his followers will believe him.

So, why did Rush have Thune do this? It's quite simple, really. His theory(lie) about why the stimulus package contains spending and tax cuts starting at the bottom(demand-side economics) is that it is just to buy votes for future elections. He pushes this lie so hard because of the fact that they literally do buy votes with their supply-side cockamamie horseshit. So he will be on his radio show Monday trying to play devil's advocate: "Why is giving that much in tax cuts so outrageous but the government SPENDING that much is fine and dandy?"

Now, you out there who use your brain will have noticed several problems with that lunacy right off the bat. Limp's followers won't give it a second thought, it will be absolutely sensible to them. I think there will be excellent opportunities to have a lot of fun in the coming week. And the more prepared one is the more fun there is to be had!


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