Sunday, February 08, 2009

Steele Tokin'

Did you see RNC Chairman Michael Steele on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos? It was a fucking riot! Just to be up front, whatever Steele is smoking...I want some.

Apparently, the weed Steele smokes is so good that it gives him the power to make a job not a job. Seriously, he told George Snuffleupagus today that if the government makes it, it ain't a job. Only private sector jobs are actually "jobs" because, get this- "they are permanent." I told you he was smoking the good shit! Mr. Steele sat on TV and with a straight face told America that they didn't need a government job with only a 2 to 4 year contract. He wants you to stay shamefully unemployed till a decent, permanent private sector job comes along.

On second thought, maybe it would not be wise to smoke whatever Steele is smoking. I mean, it would be cool and all to be able to go to work and have it not be an actual job, like Mr Steele does at the RNC, but I can see pitfalls with being so stupid in such important times as these.

Say you are out somewhere with your mother or father and they have a heart attack. You notice there is an emergency defibrillator available and you are trained to use it proficiently. If you had smoked some of Mr Steele's shit you might stop and think..."wait a minute, do I really want to break the seal on this defibrillator?" Then your next thought would be, "These things are so damn expensive!" Then you would have a stroke of genius..."I could get my mom's/father's heart beating again, but what is the point, their heart will eventually stop working for good one day anyway, right?" And they die.

Remember, stupid is as stupid does...


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