Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sean Hannity Stars in..."The Retarded Recruiter"

A few words about the Hannitizer. He may be able to whack off with the best of us, but beyond that he's a fucking coward-ass retard. I mean, seriously? That shit stain tried to run a poll on his website to find out how many of his sheep supported succession from the Union!

It has 45 votes so far.

I guess that trial balloon has burst pretty fast, huh Hanndicap? You ain't nothin' but a wish and a prayer, bitch. Your wimp-ass couldn't skin the hide off a catfish. I wish you motherfuckers would try some shit like "succession" I sure would! Myself, I would love to sack some red-coat Tory ass! Just like the old Patriots!!! YeeeeeeeeeHAAWWWWWW!

So what are you waiting for, boy? Gen up, Poindexter. Gather your troops. Lay your hand down on the table, pussy, I triple-dog dare you. We already smashed your Tory asses from the inside out once, we can damn sure do it again...

P.S. About your retarded-ass website: there is a big banner entitled "Hannity's Top 10 Items for Victory." But there is no top 10 list? It just leads to some article by Zahra Hosseinian about Iran. What's up with that? Why are you trying to fake that you have unique ideas? Oh wait, never mind...


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