Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Responsibility Lesson: by Elmo

First of all, if you need a lesson (and a simple at that) in responsibility from me, then you know you've gone and fucked-up royally!

Now, Mr. Jendal...may I call you Bobby? Yes? Good, then let me ask you this, Mr. Wingdork, where is that "value of all values" you Retardicans claim to have called "personal responsibility?" Because even with my limited responsibility shills I can see the flaw in calling the Democrats "irresponsible" know, CLEANING UP IRRESPONSIBLE RETARDICAN MESSES!

I hear what you're saying, though...

"Liberals are SO irresponsible for having the gall to try and save the country from our conservative ideology that they will ruin our conservative ideology to do it!!!"

But...and this is just common sense, your ideology does suck? You should stop taking marching orders from Rush Limp-baugh. You'll end up destroying brain cells and your head doesn't house enough of them to begin with.

So here is your lesson, "Bobby," next time you and your ilk ride the better part of three decades claiming to be the most "personally responsible" people on the might want to think twice about fucking up the WORLD'S economy and then not taking "PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY" for it.

There, I told you my lessons were simple... (BONUS: It would help if y'all would stop lying all the time, too)


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