Friday, November 07, 2008

When the Media Flies Nelo

They fall all over themselves, like an undisciplined dog without a leash. Are there journalism courses that teach you to be anti-common sense? Because from where I sit it is not an ideological or personal trait, otherwise they all wouldn't be instant knee jerk dumb asses. So it must be taught in journalism school, right?

I'm sure by now you've all heard how gun sales are up because Obama won the Presidency. What a crock o' shit. Just because you find a few wingnuts to say they are scared of Obama; and they decided to add tremendously to their already over stocked arsenal, it is not a true perception of why gun sales are up nation wide. Idiots. I've got four words for you, shitheads...

It's the economy STUPID

That's why I got mine three months ago.
I figured that my AR-15 was not quite adequate(even though it feels like a toy to me since I can disassemble and reassemble it in my sleep- it's not ideal for home protection). Anyway, the store was flooded with like minded citizens taking advantage of a bargain. Guess what wingnuts? The "surge" in gun sales is Bush's and your fellow Retardicans' fault. But I bet that makes you proud...then, you say everyone is scared of Obama. And predictably, the media figures they have a "scoop" when they are just too lazy to think.

It's the economy STUPID


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