Thursday, November 13, 2008

We the People are too Big to Fail

Nice. All the talk we hear about fraudulent super-duper fucking winner take all corporations these days is that they are too big to fail. So we let them live. Must suck to be us. Too bad the entire world is evolved this time. And since we're all global and shit...must suck to be us.

It's going to get worse before it gets better, even a shit-stain like myself can see that. But it is our own fault, do not fool yourself on that. We let the consolidation of wealth stomp out liquidity. We played the fool and let our home grown production perform a Mass Exodus. We let our Constitution be turned in to toilet paper. It's our fault.

Did that piss you off? Good. Now buck up Patriots. This is our country and it's OUR responsibility to keep her strong...and it's OUR fault when she fails.

Don't ever doubt demand side economics again. Supply side economics is a fools game. Greed is a real motherfucking thing and none of us can escape it. I don't care how strong willed you think you are.

The wise among us bite that pride. The weak among us think they're all that and a bag of tricks. So we get retarded consolidation and throw competition out, you know...the window. Must suck to be us...having to fight for the crumbs and all.

But again, it's our fault. Our jobs did not just get up and walk away all by themselves. We were all like "PARTY ON!" and saluted as they were shipped away. And now we have the gal to ask why?

The sickest shit of all is that now we are a "torture" nation. We could give two shits if we spy on ourselves or not. And who the fuck has ever heard about Habeas Corpus? I'm mean really? Life is too short to care.

Well, they sure would like us to stay dormant like that forever, wouldn't they? Must suck to be them. Too bad even the sleepiest of Patriots among us call bullshit every now and again. Did you Tories seriously think you had a chance 200 sum-odd years later? Seriously?

I don't care how fucking large an elephant(Tory) you try to make yourselves...we the people are too big to fail. We know to trip is just to fall--so we will all join hands.


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