Friday, October 10, 2008

Traitors Never Tell Lies

I wont call John McCain a hero, because he is not. I bet that statement shocks the shit out of most of you. If it did, you are totally ignorant of the inner workings of grunt politics. You see, you only get to be a hero if you get killed in action. If you live, you were just doing your job, plain and simple. As a grunt, you do not get to survive and return as a hero. Period. All the hero's were left on the battle field, and that's just the way it is. Don't believe me? Just ask John McCain if he thinks he is a hero. I'd love to hear that bumbln' stumbln' answer.

That said, I here by question his honor. You heard me right, I don't believe he has an honorable bone left in his body. You wanna know when he lost his honor? Well, the exact moment in time is not known, but for sure, by 1993 he was all but depleted of any honor.

You do not leave a brother in arms behind enemy lines if you can help it...ever. If there is but a sliver of hope of retrieving a POW, it is duty bound that you do everything in your power to do so. Period.

John McCain was the catalyst in stopping the search for the remaining POW's in Vietnam. He was on the United States Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs that officially ended the further searching for POW's in Vietnam. You know why? Because the people funding his life at the time needed to do business in Vietnam. That was enough for John McCain...


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