Sunday, October 26, 2008

Taxation...Without What?

Taxation? That's the anchor Retardicans are holding on to? Yep. Because they say that is what our founding fathers hated the most! Taxation! PERIOD! And wingnuts are here to REPRESENT! HALLELUJAH!!!

Look, I know, you freaks just don't want to be paying any taxes...I get it. But the rest of us, you know, the majority of fucking Americans, just want to be represented by competent smart folks. Because, lets face it, dumb-asses don't have that good of a track record when they are put in the White House. Seriously, they fuck up every time. Just check their stats.

Now, if every time the word "tax" is spoken, and you are immediately sent into some epileptic trance like state walloping around on the floor. You might be a wingnut. If you understand that we live in a society, and not on Gilligan's Island, then you don't mind paying long as they're representn' n'shit.

So, the truth is, I don't really know were I'm going with this post. I guess I just want to know were the fuck all the taxation WITHOUT representation is? Is it under Bush's desk? Do the rich have it locked away in some volt? Hello? Where is Gerardo Rivera when you need him?

How about we just stop all federal tax revenues going to the states of Alaska and Arizona? They don't need the money anyway...they've got bootstraps. Don't laugh, bootstrap soup makes a fine meal!

Look, I'm just saying, if Alaska and Arizona do not want to be represented anymore, lets cut off their funding...


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