Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Only a Sliver of History

There are certain times in our days of yore that are so unique, so insane, that a specific idea or theory otherwise proven ludicrous, finds it's only sliver of usefulness in history. We can see this before our very eyes today in the Republican-owned financial crises, and in the fuck-the-world Anarchists' hooliganism. They buy in hook, line and sinker, and believe this is how the world should work ALL THE TIME. So we hear shit from conservatives like "helping the poor only hurts the poor", "less taxes brings more revenue into the government" and my personal favorite, "war is peace!" It's quite unbelievable, intellectually, but conservatives base their entire agenda on such nonsense.

Take helping the poor, for instance. How many times have you heard a conservative say "if you don't give the poor welfare they will work or die!" No. Actually, it's some will find work and some will die. More will turn to crime to survive. Don't get me wrong, there are instances were cutting off a healthy, lazy-ass individual motivates one to produce. But cutting everyone off just kills people for spite. Jesus understood this. He was the original couch surfer for Christ's sake. And lets not forget about the working poor. They deserve the most help but are just as lazy as the healthy welfare cons in the conservatives' eyes. Throw the baby out with the bathwater they say. So, in their reality, helping that one stupid fuck get off his lazy ass and work worked once, so it must work all the time. Besides, the slugs don't pay taxes anyway.

Have you heard the one about how constant tax cuts produce windfall government profits? It's funny as fucking hell. Just because there were times in our history that massive tax cuts to the rich spurred growth, for a short period, scamper-capitalist conservatives use the fact to declare it the utopia of economic policy. I like to watch the facial expressions of those conservatives confronted with the simple question- "so no taxes at all makes us all rich?" They don't like simple questions. They don't like it even more when you call them chickenhawks.

You see, war is their baby. It doesn't matter that those who train for, and fight the wars conservatives crave, say that war should be the last option on the table. Conservatives will reach for it first and foremost just by reflex. Fact is, in their eyes, war projects our strength and shows our enemies who's boss, making them too scared to attack us, therefore, we win. Only problem is, that shit only works on the playground in elementary school. We have served our country well by being a militarily power, but as all real players know, even if you win the war, you lose the battle.

These conservative shenanigans will continue, it's a simple fact that plagues their character. However, I believe, that all forms of Patriots, from the rich to the poor, from the intellectual to the working class, posses simple logic. But simple logic escapes most conservatives, from the rich to the poor, from the intellectual to the working class. So, we Patriots must always be vigilant, for the simple fact that ignorance is consistent. Conservatives will always believe their narrow agenda is the gospel, when in fact, their highly prized theory's worked for only a sliver of history.


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