Sunday, October 19, 2008

Consolidation of Wealth: Phase Two of Operation Fascist America

Consolidation of wealth must be a good thing, right? I mean, with all the talk of wealth distribution being the biggest evil since unsliced bread and all. Please. If you believe that, then your economic ignorance is only eclipsed by your racism. (racism, hate and fear: phase one of Operation Fascist America).

Remember the first three words of our Constitution? It's We the People, idiot, not We the Corporations. Just stop and think about that for a minute. Our economy doesn't flow through PRIVATE individuals and businesses anymore, It flows through fortune 500 PUBLIC companies who work in coordination with the state to monopolize profits to consolidate wealth. That, my friends, is Fascism.

Take supply-side economics, for instance. This philosophy says if we give our privately contributed tax dollars to publicly traded corporations then they will provide a lot of cheap products for us to consume. Since everything is so cheap, the people will buy more crap that they do not need or demand, thus keeping workers employed making these products, and hence, wealth trickles down to the working class. Only problem is, the publicly traded companies we gave all our tax dollars to moved those jobs to China.

Do you know why they moved those jobs to China? Because the American people had the gall to ask these corporations to be more environmentally cautious, and provide their workers with health care. Was it too much to ask? We are giving them our tax dollars after all, we should at least get to protect our environment and be provided health care, right? Wrong.

Once public corporations get the power, they get separated from common sense, and the people get the shaft. We're almost to the point of no return. If that's not what you want for America, then you better NOT vote for John McCain.

We need to get back to demand-side economics like we had under Clinton in the 90's. Remember that time? When the people prospered because we could compete for profits. I ran my own communications cabling business back then and was very successful. I employed citizens and produced a superior product at half the cost of the big boys. And it pissed them off. Know how I know it pissed them off? Because they made it a point to tell me it did. I would get calls from them after they somehow found out what I had bid on a project. I would sit and listen to long winded, frothing at the mouth rants that basically boiled down to this..."YOU'RE GOING TO RUIN THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY!!!" My response, "Dude, I'm making a profit, if you can't...then that's your problem."

They got the last laugh, though, because George W. Bush got elected, and demand-side economics went down in flames. A lot of private businesses lost the ability to compete with the big public corporations once supply-side policies reared their ugly heads. If you ever want a chance at owning your own business, like Joe the Plumber is dreaming about, then you better vote for Barrack Obama.

Once all wealth is totally consolidated at the top, there is no turning back without a bloody revolution. The corporations will bitch and moan that if you give the power back to the people, and stop giving our tax dollars to them, then they will just have to shut down and stop producing anything, making us all suffer. I say call their bluff, cause that's what it is, a bluff. You see, in demand-side economics the money starts at the bottom and goes up. If we have money in our pockets and a demand for a product, and the big boys don't want to produce it, someone else will. They know this to be true, and it scares the shit out them. Smaller private businesses will undoubtedly be more nimble and profitable. Just like our founders envisioned from the beginning.

So you've got a choice to make. Vote for McCain and George Bush's Fascist policies, or turn the page on supply-side economics once and for all, and vote for Barrack Obama. If you have been captured by phase one of Operation American Fascism, then hatred, fear and racism rules you and you will have no problem voting against your own internist, and will vote to consolidate wealth at the top. But if you have escaped the hatred and racist ambush, and you've got an ounce of Patriot blood left in your body, then you must reject the Fascists/Tories and vote for Barrack Obama.


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