Monday, September 01, 2008

Mandatory Monday Wingnut Bashing: A Little More to the Right

He should have called his blog A Little More to the Retarded. He's in to all those wingnut emails that spread lies about Liberals. For instance, did you know, if you are a working class hero, under Obama your taxes will more than double! He's a master in Retard-economics, or Retardenomics.

He has a list on fun stuff to do on the shiter, predicated with this statement...

Use the handicapped stall whenever possible - this will allow greater movement and [bonus!] potentially piss off a handicapped coworker.

They ran out of class before this turd-sniffer got to the front of the line. Oh yeah, he says he's not a racist, but he sure a shit is.

And his balls? Well, lets just say they are the size of sweet peas. Just another conservatarded chickenhawk hiding from the world. Hey "admin"? What are you going to tell your grandchildren you did during the war? Oh, wait, with ball that small you probably wont have any children, much less grandchildren...

This has been Elmo, your host, with another edition of MMWB. Have a great Monday!

****the contents of A Little More to the Right may not reflect the views of other Retardicans, but lets face it, it's pretty damn close to most of those nut jobs****


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