Saturday, August 02, 2008

Congressional Retardicans Play Pinocchio in Latest Performance on House Floor

On Wednesday in the 'House that should Represent-us' voted on the 'Commodity Markets and Transparency Act' that was devised to smack down oil profiteers and lower fuel prices.

But the fascist Retardicans, headed by their leader,
John "Crybaby" Boner, let $BiGOiL$ get over on us once again by staging one of those half-ass'd filibusters we let them get away with. Fucking traitors.

But, not only did they make us suck on the dick that is $BiGOiL$, they turned around Friday and tried to criticize The Democratic Majority for not staying in session to find away to lower gas prices!

No shit! They even went to the floor of the House after all the lights were out and everyone was gone on vacation to chant: "work! work! work!" The irony in all this is that the Retardican Congressmen chanting "work! work! work!" were part the the 'slacking 108th' Congress that worked fewer days than any other Congress in History. These fuckers have no shame.

Ain't it funny how McSame is campaigning on a platform of getting us off foreign oil, when he helped defeat Jimmy Carter over 30 years ago, for doing what? Trying to stop us from using foreign oil!

Wake up America, Retardicans are just con artists. They help Corporate America take all the profits they can, fucking up all in their wake, then blame it all on those who tried to stop them.


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