Saturday, May 24, 2008

Special Comment for Benedict Olbermann

I know your hate relieves you of the fact that you are a Benedict Arnold, but history wont. I like Obama and will vote for him, but I will never respect you again, or the rest of you on the Obamazooid fringe. You don't give a shit, for sure, but one day you are going to need a bridge. This one's burnt.


How dare you. Sir. The only way to defeat her was to reverse her strengths, the same way the wingnuts did to Kerry and his military record. So you portrayed her as a racist. And it worked. The velocity of the accusations and the strength of their perceptions has proven to be overwhelming. Congratulations, you win.

So you have forgiven and forgiven her over and over again, huh Keith? But this time the bitch said something unforgivable? So she's getting kicked to the curb once and for all, right? What were your words? Oh yeah, "TOO MUCH!"

You pugnacious piece of shit. The Clintons were Liberal when Liberals weren't cool. You jump on the bandwagon after all the grunt work has been done and now claim they were failures? Shorter Keith: "Get out of the way old-timers, we'll take over now...that it's easy." Oh, wait. You don't like "Liberal", you're "progressive". LOL! Stupid Wimp.

She never has been and never will be a George Wallace, you fucking cocksucker. She will, as I, continue working for the Liberal values that have pushed our country toward a morally just society since the beginning, but I'm going to spit in your face every time I get a chance, Benedict Obermann.
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