Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hey McFill-in, The Military Likes Anti-War Candidates

MILITARY DONORS FAVOR ANTIWAR CANDIDATES: Individuals in the Army, Navy and Air Force made those branches of the armed services among the top contributors in the 4th Quarter, ranking No. 13, No. 18 and No. 21, respectively. In 2007, Republican Ron Paul, who opposes U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, was the top recipient of money from donors in the military, collecting at least $212,000 from them. Barack Obama, another war opponent, was second with about $94,000.


Blogger Elmo said...

Dammit! I ate meat today...

Wed Feb 06, 08:01:00 PM CST  
Anonymous jack rabbit said...

The rest of your cult is going to be pissed.

Thu Feb 07, 11:55:00 AM CST  

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