Monday, June 11, 2007

They Love Them Some Bush in Albania

Maybe they're just luring him in so the gypsies can put a curse on his ass...

On the future of Kosovo...Saturday in Rome, the president agreed that there should be a deadline to end the United Nations talks, saying: “In terms of a deadline, there needs to be one. It needs to happen.”

But on Sunday, Mr. Bush tried to backtrack when asked when that deadline might be. “First of all, I don’t think I called for a deadline,” Mr. Bush said, during a press appearance with Mr. Berisha in the courtyard of a government ministry building. He was reminded that he had.

“I did?” he asked, sounding surprised. “What exactly did I say? I said deadline? O.K., yes, then I meant what I said.” The reporters laughed.


Blogger Butchieboy said...

Gypsies! LOL!

Mon Jun 11, 12:17:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Elmo said...

You laugh; but it is funny...

Mon Jun 11, 10:38:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Timmy said...

I wanna be a gypsy!

Tue Jun 12, 08:09:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Nölff said...

Timmy: you are a gypsy

People in eastern Europe would flip out over a neon sign. They are poor as hell.

Tue Jun 12, 10:01:00 AM CDT  

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