Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ha Ha, Fuck You Henry Bonilla

This is the dick head that helped Tom DeLay gerrymander Texas' congressional districts. Which gave Henry a solid republican district that snaked from San Antonio to El Paso. Only thing is, the Supreme Court ruled that Henry's district disenfranchised the Hispanic vote and had it redrawn to a more Democratic friendly district. Henry Bonilla lost his seat in a special election yesterday to Ciro Rodriguez, who lost his seat two years prior due to DeLay and Bonilla's gerrymandering.

This is Ciro Rodriguez, a Vietnam vet. Henry Bonilla is a chickenhawk Bush supported who was a former news caster and embezzler. Henry got out foxed. We flooded the field with candidates after a special election was ordered that all but guaranteed a runoff. Bonilla would have won without the runoff. Bravo Ciro Rodriguez!


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