Monday, October 23, 2006

Politicalization Smutliticalization

The G.O.P. has lost all reasonable prospects of being considered creatable. If you support them, you need a psychiatrist. Their final slimy push toward election day has forced even the most morally conscious conservatives into the shit pit. See here, here and here. They had no choice, Karl Rove threatened to hold back campaign money if cut-throat negativity was not used against the Demarcates in tight races. So now all red-neck, God fearing, couch potatoes living in trailer parks believe the Demarcates will let the terrorist take over our country, take all your money and eat your children. Nice way to get out the vote Karl.

Meanwhile, Democrats who point to the leaked classified intelligence estimate that claims the Iraq War worsens the terrorism threat; or the leak of the Iraq Study Group's report, headed by James Baker, that claims it is time to leave Iraq, are said to be politicizing the war.

Karl Rove wants us to believe that any release of facts to the public in order for us to make a better decision as how to vote is bad...BAD! But smearing shit in the faces of Demarcates is A'OK. The sad thing is some Dem's will just take the shit smearing like cowards. But don't worry, we're working on purging the party of the wimps.


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you better stop by and see Leslie today, she is on FIRE!

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