Friday, July 21, 2006

Yeah I'm a Punk, but I always have an Ace in the Hole


Blogger Elmo said...

Maritorious bitches!!!

Fri Jul 21, 11:46:00 PM CDT  
Blogger phinky said...

MSM! Elmo, I'm impressed.

Sat Jul 22, 07:04:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Geoffrey said...

Impressed? You're impressed that this fraud knows how to hop on USAPA and print out a form?

At least I know you're scrambling. It's amusing to watch moonbats try to cover their tracks once exposed. Micah Wright went to great lengths, too.

You're a fraud. You're getting funnier, though.

Tank Hunter Killer Team.


Comedy Gold.

Sat Jul 22, 07:12:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Geoffrey said...

No wonder you fool moonbats. Your readers are retarded too.

He forged an ARCOM, sphincter, not an MSM.

Holy Fuck what a den of idiots.

Sat Jul 22, 07:17:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Jack Rabbit said...

Why don't you two just fuck and get it over with?

Sat Jul 22, 08:12:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Elmo said...

Why are you so obsessed with "Tank Hunter Killer Team?" Do you not believe they excited? We used Dragons to kill the tanks back then. 5 or 6 men doped off by a huey, walked all night to get into position, then waited on orders to kill.

SQUELCH SQUELCH SQUELCH..."Ok their coming everyone get ready"(using hand signs of course) You could hear them coming way before they got in sight. The massive thundering heard of armor racing through the valley. The scout tank commander, with his head sticking out of the hatch, looking through binoculars gets excited too, "their coming!" his body language says.

His job is to hit the tanks on the front line of the attack, causing a bottleneck behind them, then they would drop artillery on the stranded armor.

Only the turret of the enemy tank is exposed, the rest well dug in. But we were on the high ground looking down, at the grave they dug for themselves.

The advance of armor is in range of the enemy...I SQUELCH back and get the order to kill. The tank commander notices the back blast of the dragon but it's too late...he's dead.

Our armor advance never slows down, rolling through the enemy defenses, rendering their artillery useless.

Then full bird Colonels jump all over my dick for making them look so good. "Thank you sir, just doing my job."

Your so smart Geoffrey with a G, you got me, why don't you prove to all here in Elmo's world that I'm a fraud. Research all the brass that signed my Arcom. Find SFG Narramore and ask 'em about me. He'll tell you I was a stud, and the best damn tank hunter killer team leader he ever had.

Sat Jul 22, 10:12:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Geoffrey said...

SFG? What army are you claiming to be in again?

HAHAHA. Fraud.

Sat Jul 22, 10:52:00 AM CDT  
Blogger Elmo said...

typo. More home work for you, look up Susan Kimmons from Milton, Florida. She was my lover at the time.(depending on how long she holds a grudge, she may or may not have anything nice to say about me)

Sat Jul 22, 11:28:00 AM CDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I told you why bother arguing with this Geoff Allen turd. He hasn't served anywhere. He is certainly not one to give the time of day for any useful or significant thoughts to. He is nothing more than a talker. That's it.

Sat Jul 22, 02:41:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Elmo said...

I'm just having fun...ChickenHawks are so amusing.

Sat Jul 22, 04:33:00 PM CDT  

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