Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pimp Tax

Republican Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa broke his pledge of "no new taxes" today when he introduced a "Pimp Tax" on the Senate floor that The International Pimping Union(IPU) says could destroy the sex industry in America.

A spokesman for the IPU, Pimp Master Fly Skillz, said the tax would discourage young entrepreneurs from becoming pimps and could run many pimps out of business.

Pimp Tickle Mack-Nasty, from Elmo's Hood, promised to send his homeboys down to take Sen. Grassley out. Representatives from Sen. Grassley's office had no comment but were clearly scared shitless.

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Blogger konagod said...

Fucking unbelievable!!

Wed Jun 28, 09:06:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Eli said...

It's hard out there for a pimp.

*Especially* the paperwork.

Wed Jun 28, 09:08:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Elmo said...

LOL! Snoop dawg's next hit...
"I spend my daze hitn'all the ho skeezez, and my nights slaven' over 1040ez'z..."

Wed Jun 28, 10:23:00 PM CDT  
Anonymous mel said...

After all, it's worked out SO well for Abramoff, DeLay & posse in the Marianas. OK, not a tax exactly, more like bribery.
'No-brainers' come easily to Senator 'Snake-in-the-Grassley'. If we could only tax the pimps that are fucking over the constitution, Chuckster would be able to balance that pesky budget with money left over to invade a few more countries.

Thu Jun 29, 10:56:00 AM CDT  

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