Wednesday, May 03, 2006

President Elmo Adds Signing Statement to "Anti ChickenHawk Bashing Act of 2006" Infuriating Senator Frist

President Elmo signed the "Anti ChickenHawk Bashing Act of 2006" pushed through congress by the Republican majority on Wednesday. With the Republicans having the two-thirds votes to override a veto, the president signed the legislation but added a signing statement, virtually gutting the bill.

The bill, written by the national Young Republican lobby, makes it a felony punishable by up to 20 years in federal prison to harass any Young Republican not willing to fight in Iraq. However, the president added a signing statement which his critics say is nothing but a backdoor way to end the war in Iraq.

President's Statement on Signing of H.R. 666, the "Anti ChickenHawk Bashing Act of 2006"

"The executive branch shall construe provisions of the Act relating to bad-mouthing, bashing, belittling, berating, cussing out, cutting down, defaming, dumping on, insulting, nagging, offending, picking on, putting down, ragging, ranking out, reviling, riding, ripping up, running down, scolding, slamming, smearing and trashing of ChickenHawks to be totally ridicules and shall reward any persons use of the above which results in the enlisting of a Young Republican. Here forth any enlisted persons in Iraq may return immediately if they so chose to inflict any of the above abuse on Young Republicans."

Senator Frist confronted the president at the signing ceremony which resulted in a very odd exchange. Sen. Frist went on about "unconstitutional" this and "unconstitutional" that while the President mocked his every word in an extremely childish manner. As the Senator stormed off, the President flicked his fingers under his chin at him while laughing uncontrollably.

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Blogger Elmo said...

Fuck this job...I'm do'n one term and then I'm done. If nominated I will not run and if elected I will not serve.

Wed May 03, 08:34:00 PM CDT  

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