Thursday, March 09, 2006

HNT: Army Dayz

Elmo was a stud in 1992.

Elmo in a do-rag.

We killed 7 tanks in 2 weeks. Elmo is the team leader on the front right. Who's go'n tank hunt'n...Elmo's go'n tank hunt'n!

Elmo look'n like Pee Wee Herman...holding a squad automatic weapon.


Blogger Smartypants said...

OK. Yes. You do look good in the pics but I know you can give me more HNT than that.

= )

Wed Mar 08, 11:44:00 PM CST  
Blogger teh l4m3 said...

I be screamin' like a white lady
When U count 2 3
1, 2, 3!



Thu Mar 09, 09:56:00 AM CST  
Blogger Heidi the Hick said...

Elmo still is a stud. The red fuzzy suit is very flattering.

Thu Mar 09, 10:45:00 AM CST  
Blogger kellywalters said...

damn elmo!! I wish I had known you existed much.. much sooner..

woot woot baby!

Thu Mar 09, 01:45:00 PM CST  
Blogger Elmo said...

Smarty: That was 14 years ago. I've lost my six pack and grown hair on my nipples since.

Teh: I knew you'd say that.

Thanks Heidi!

Roxi: blush

Thu Mar 09, 07:42:00 PM CST  
Blogger Budding Rose said...


Thu Mar 09, 07:57:00 PM CST  
Blogger Spinning Girl said...

Oh, a retro HNT. Happy Thursday! No HNT for me this week, but I'll be back in force next week.

Thu Mar 09, 08:10:00 PM CST  
Blogger Smartypants said...

Elmo. Don't ruin my fantasy.

= )

Thu Mar 09, 09:37:00 PM CST  
Blogger Elmo said...

I can be back in HNT shape in 6 to 8 months...

Thu Mar 09, 10:14:00 PM CST  
Blogger Smartypants said...

I'm counting on it.


Fri Mar 10, 04:00:00 PM CST  

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