Thursday, December 01, 2005

Marketing War on Purple Heart Boulevard

Rejectionists, Saddamists and Terrorists OH MY!

Bush said yesterday "a time of war is a time of sacrifice." Such an easy thing to say, when you don't have to sacrifice. Tax cuts for the wealthy in a time of war...enough said.

Bush-- "I'm traveling today with a man who's done a fine job as the Secretary of Defense -- Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld."

deja vu Brownie, uhh...Rummy...uhh, ROFLMAO!

Bush-- "Last year, the area around Baghdad's Haifa Street was so thick with terrorists that it earned the nickname 'Purple Heart Boulevard.' Then Iraqi forces took responsibility for this dangerous neighborhood -- and attacks are now down."

Attacks down with US forces shit!

Bush-- "When our coalition first arrived, we began the process of creating an Iraqi Army to defend the country from external threats."

Ok, you fucked up.

Bush--"And because Iraqi police are not just facing common criminals, they are getting live-fire training with the AK-47s."

That's smart, being in a war zone and all.

Bush-- "Some critics dismiss this progress and point to the fact that only one Iraqi battalion has achieved complete independence from the coalition"

You hate it when we point to relevant facts.

Bush-- "As a matter of fact, there are some battalions from NATO militaries that would not be able to meet this standard."

But you love throwing out irrelevant facts.

Bush-- "The Iraqis, General Dempsey says, are increasingly in control of their future and their own security _ the Iraqi security forces are regaining control of the country."

He better say that, if he wants to keep his job.

Bush-- "And as the Iraqi security forces stand up, coalition forces can stand down"

Talk about beat'n a dead horse.

Bush-- "We will stay as long as necessary to complete the mission. If our military leaders tell me we need more troops, I will send them."

Ok, we're staying a long time.

Bush-- "We will increasingly move out of Iraqi cities, reduce the number of bases from which we operate, and conduct fewer patrols and convoys."

Now we're leaving...I'm confused.

Bush-- "These decisions about troop levels will be driven by the conditions on the ground in Iraq and the good judgment of our commanders -- not by artificial timetables set by politicians in Washington."

I bet the American people have the final say on that.

Bush-- "Some critics continue to assert that we have no plan in Iraq except to, 'stay the course.' If by 'stay the course,' they mean we will not allow the terrorists to break our will, they are right."

Nice try, terrorists are a small part of the insurgency, you said so yourself.

Bush-- "Victory in Iraq will demand the continued determination and resolve of the American people."

Sorry, we don't like quagmires.

Bush-- "when you're risking your life to accomplish a mission, the last thing you want to hear is that mission being questioned in our nation's capital."

"Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism" ~ Thomas Jefferson

Bush-- "I will settle for nothing less than complete victory."

Didn't you declare victory on a big boat a few years ago?


Blogger Lance said...

I don't know whats spinning head from reading this or his rhetoric!

Fri Dec 02, 01:08:00 PM CST  
Blogger Elmo said...

LOL! I was pressed for time...and had to get it out. My apologies, my head was spinning as I wrote it.

Nice South Park character!

Fri Dec 02, 10:47:00 PM CST  

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