Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ho! Ha ha! Guard! Turn! Perry! Dodge! Spin!

The President and his Administration have done nothing but dodge responsibility for the slow reaction to the Katrina tragedy. Of course they have no choice, Bush was on vacation for Christ sake! During today's White House press briefing Scott McClellan said Chief of Staff Andy Card was in charge at the time. I cant wait till he gets cornered by the press.

Scott McClellan was asked if the vote on the estate tax cut would be permanently taken off the table. He wiggled his nose, danced a little jig, and said we need to focus on saving people involved in this hurricane. That got me thinking, where are the people who have received these huge tax cuts demanding they be suspended till the Gulf coast recovers? They wont...they are too greedy, and frankly couldn't give two shits. I've heard many heartless individuals commenting that "they were told to leave, it's their own fault." I've heard this here in Texas and on TV. It makes me sick.

I made sure my two boys saw and talked about the tragedy and the mistakes made in responding to it. I included our nation as a whole and gave no indication of my distain toward the administration. I want them to realize this did not have to happen in America, and should never happen again. They both offered their favorite toys and cloths to donate. They feel true sorrow for their fellow Americans caught up in this mess.

Scott McClellan was asked where the buck stopped...he said with the President, I agree.


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