Thursday, September 08, 2005

Greatest Common Factor

OK the Bush Administration needs a little help. And we have to help, the country is headed to hell in a hand basket! We need to start simple, because Bush is, well...simple. Let us use as our factors the Iraq war and the Katrina response, the two biggies. We'll try to find the greatest common factor and fix that problem first.
Iraq War
  1. Lies- War was in no way the Bush administrations last option. No WMD.
  2. Logistics- Sending inadequately equipped and trained troops into war. Not sending enough troops even when advised to do so. Went too fast to war without having a plan for occupation.
  3. Responsibility- Blames the media for lack of recruiting and moral. Refusal to show caskets of slain soldiers.
  4. Stupidity- Congratulates and promotes incompetence. (ie-Condi Rice and Rumsfeld) Making jokes about not finding WMD under his desk. Not expecting an insurgency.

Katrina Response

  1. Lies- The Bush administration repeatedly said extensive progress was being made when our TVs showed a different story.
  2. Logistics- Too slow to react and reacted insignificantly when they did. Had no plan even with ample warning.
  3. Responsibility- Blames the local governments for shortfalls. Refusing to let journalist photograph or tape dead bodies.
  4. Stupidity- Did not expect the levies to break. Congratulated FEMA director Mike Brown for doing a good job.

OK, the obvious greatest common factor here is lack of do you inject humanity into an arrogant asshole? Ahhh hell, we're all fucked!


Blogger fatrobot said...

don't forget all the devil worship that the repugnikkkans do

Fri Sep 09, 03:11:00 PM CDT  
Blogger DaliWood said...

how do you inject humanity into an arrogant asshole?

Maybe with an enema bag?

Fri Sep 09, 07:35:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Elmo said...


Fri Sep 09, 09:02:00 PM CDT  

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