Monday, August 22, 2005

Camp Casey...Korean style?

Bush sent a BIG WINGNUT to counter Cindy Sheehan's Crawford Offensive.

General Richard B. Myers, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces, went to Camp, not that Camp Casey, the one in South Korea. He wanted to give his 'assessment of troop morale around the world.' And Leeann Tweeden, Gale Sayers, Jeff Ross and Colin Quinn were just the studs to do it.

You see, Soldier myth has it that the area was a "No Smile" zone because the division's mission- to deter North Korean aggression - was such serious business...

Well something has to be done about this! We cant have troop morale in Korea getting down! We need the big kahuna General Richard B. Myers to straiten this in comes Leeann Tweeden, Gale Sayers, Jeff Ross and Colin Quinn.

The article says the "tour" visited Iraq too...although most of the soldiers would have loved to have seen Leeann Tweeden's fine ass, not many soldiers did. They were busy. But many in Korea did. They have that 'no smile zone' and all.

Isn't it funny that of all places in Korea to hold this event they went to Camp Casey? How many jokes were about Cindy? According to the article, after the show...'they were still laughing about some of the lines.' No doubt about Cindy.

Look, this war is a mess and there is no way to put a petty face on it. Bashing Cindy wont do it that's for sure. Maj. Gen. George Higgins says about the tour... "This proves there's no such thing as the No Smile Line, don't you think."

No proves nothing.


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