Wednesday, August 10, 2005

C-SPAN...I love you THIS much!

It is early Saturday morning, and there is no need to channel serf. Before the coffee is brewed and before the kiddos commandeer the television into cartoon lunacy, C-SPAN starts off my weekend. Being a political junkie, Washington Journal is an outstanding fix. C-SPAN is just the dose of reality I need.

First, for anyone who loves politics as I do, C-SPAN is a priceless resource. We all can't live in Washington bouncing from debate to debate all day. Without C-SPAN most of us would miss Senator Kennedy's passion and Senators Frisk's and Reid's mental tug-a-wars. Congressional hearings, press conferences, you get to see what will be in the papers. Even during those long recesses we have Washington journal to hold us over.

Washington journal is the best talk show in the business. They have the most diverse guest with a larger variety of topics than the network talk shows. The unscreened comments gives a pure view of public opinion . Nowhere else can you get such raw reality.

Speaking of reality, television claims to have a lot of it, but only C-SPAN truly delivers. Why watch a show where people pretend to be real when you can watch live debates that will determine the law of the land? In a country full of fake TV, C-SPAN "keeps it real."

Non stop politics and Washington Journal…pure reality. I love you C-SPAN, I really, really love you.(and no I'm not just saying that because I entered this essay in C-SPAN's contest)


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