Friday, August 12, 2005

Band of the Week: OKLAHOMOS

These degenerates are from Austin TX and very PUNK !!! Actually they are more of a punk-metal band with a southern twist, but they most defiantly ROCK. They are rude, very crude, and could give a fuck if you care... ya, you'll love 'em. Featuring Honky Kong Loonzilla on vocals, Jefe Malaka on guitar, Sassy Pantz on drums and Bi-Curious George on bass. Show the band some love at and hear classics like "We're Older and Fatter Than You," "Speed Reverend," "Fear the Mullet," and their hit single "Didn't Really Mean to Hit You." Or even better, see the band live TONIGHT Aug 12th, in Austin TX at HeadHunters( 720 Red River). OY!OY!OY!


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